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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Defeat Hinox in TotK

Hinox is going down!
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Hinox is a pretty strong monster that will spawn in many locations in Tears of the Kingdom so it’s smart to always be ready for him. Since he is a tough enemy to beat he brings with him wonderful loot like weapons and food. I would say that this is enough reason why you should always challenge him when you see him.

However, he isn’t easy to beat unless you know a couple of tips and tricks beforehand. Read on and find out everything you need to know to prepare yourself for combat with the mighty Hinox in TotK.

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Tips and Tricks for Beating Hinox in TotK

You will encounter Hinox in various environments in the Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) and it’s best you don’t miss fighting him since he brings some excellent loot. However, it’s at the same time not wise to fight him if you don’t have the necessary equipment.

What you will need for killing Hinox are a few common yet essential things. You are going to need plenty of weapons as he is tanky and you will spend at least half a dozen weapons on him. Further, you will need a bow and plenty of arrows as this is key to the strategy of beating him.

Strategy for Killing Hinox

Since Hinox is a cyclops that means he only has one eye. As soon as you start fighting him take your bow and shoot an arrow into his eye. This will blind and stun him for a couple of seconds which allows you to approach him and strike him with your melee weapon a couple of times. But, don’t be greedy. Strike him a couple of times and run away since he will recover pretty quickly and if he gets to strike you, your downfall will be swift.

Repeat this process of hitting him in the eye with an arrow, and then attacking him with melee weapons until he is dead. Keep in mind however that you need to aim and shoot at his eye quickly. If he notices that you are aiming at his eye for too long he will cover it with his hand.

Playing this quest reminded me of the Greek myth of Odysseus. He blinded the great cyclops called Polyphemus with a burning stake in order to escape his captivity. Maybe the developers of Zelda were indeed inspired by this great story from Greek mythology to create this particular combat experience.

Additional Advice About Fighting Hinox

What is described above is a tactic that will always work against Hinox in TotK but I felt it was necessary to add a couple of more specifics that can make this battle easier or tougher for you. If you encounter Hinox in a forest you should be aware that he can grab one of the trees and hurl it at you.

Moreover, if you are wandering the open world of TotK by night you will meet his counterpart – Stalnox. Stalnox is a zombie version of Hinox and most of the things in regards to fighting him are the same as with Hinox. Nonetheless, he will have a couple of his own aces up his sleeve. For example, if he doesn’t have a tree nearby to attack you with he will do so with one of his ribs.

Additionally, sometimes you will even see his eye pop out when you hit him with an arrow. You can proceed to pick it up and hold it in your possession until morning. At that moment Stalnox will automatically die.

We hope our guide helped you better understand Hinox. Get more great advice about Zelda Tears of the Kingdom from our articles How to Get Giant White Horse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and Where to Register a Horse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. For more great content on other trending games, you can always give Gamer Journalist a follow on Facebook.

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