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How to Fight Mesmald Secret Boss in Tales of Arise

How to Fight Mesmald Secret Boss in Tales of Arise

In every Tales game, there are oversized, super-strong monsters hiding in particular places around the world. In Tales of Arise, these are the Gigant Zeugles, Renan monsters that have gone astray from their masters and done some serious bulking up in the interim period. These fights are usually optional, usually difficult, and personally speaking, I usually run screaming from them. That said, there is a certain appeal to hunting down such beasts, especially when they’re as cool-looking as the Mesmald. Here’s how to fight the Mesmald secret boss in Tales of Arise.

Mesmald originally appeared as a bonus fight in the Tales of Arise demo version that was available a few weeks ago. Don’t worry if you didn’t get to play the demo or aren’t playing the game on a platform it was available on, you can fight Mesmald in the main game regardless. Instead, there’s a particular condition you have to fulfill during a story fight.

How to Fight Mesmald Secret Boss in Tales of Arise

To Fight the Mesmald Secret Boss in Tales of Arise:

  1. At the gates to Viscint, you’ll be given a story quest to kill a giant Mantis
  2. Defeat the giant Mantis in Tietal Plain in under 5 minutes
  3. Mesmald will appear nearby right after the fight with the Mantis ends

When your party first makes your way to the gates of Viscint, a nearby guard will inform you that they’ve been locked due to the threat of a giant Mantis Zeugle over in the Tietal Plain. This is a story quest, so don’t worry about missing it. Make your way over to the Tietal Plain, and you’ll find the Mantis hanging out around the middle of the area.

Here’s the rub: you need to defeat the Mantis in under five minutes. At the level you should be around this point of the game, it should be doable, if not a bit tricky. If you can knock the Mantis out in under five minutes, Mesmald will appear nearby. Of course, since you’ll already be pretty wiped after the fight with the Mantis, fighting another monster of approximately the same strength with no down time won’t be an easy feat, so make sure you’re stocked and healed before fighting the Mantis, or else Mesmald will take a bite out of you.

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