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How to get Demihuman Talon in Tales of Arise

How to get Demihuman Talon in Tales of Arise

In Tales of Arise, the body parts and droppings left behind by wild Zeugles can be forged into a variety of weapons and armor at your local blacksmith. No, I don’t know how a fistful of teeth and a mangy pelt are transformed into a powerful sword, and frankly, I don’t think I want to know. Whenever you’re in a town, it never hurts to check in at the blacksmith to see what you need for bigger and better gear, though some of the materials you’ll need are a bit harder to come by. Case in point, the Demihuman Talon. In this guide, we will show you how to get Demihuman Talon in Tales of Arise.

Demihuman Talons, as the name implies, are only dropped by certain demihuman-type Zeugles, of which there is only one in the entire bestiary: the Berserker. You’ll know a Berserker when you see one; they kind of look like a cross between a werewolf and a dragon, standing on two legs and covered in natural craggy armor. The problem is that Berserkers only spawn in two places in the world: the White Silver Plains and the Rudhir Forest.

How to get Demihuman Talon in Tales of Arise

To get Demihuman Talon in Tales of Arise:

  1. Go to White Silver Plains or Rudhir Forest.
  2. Look for a Berserker (usually in groups of two).
  3. Kill one to get a Demihuman Talon.

For a quick Berserker location, go look around the western side of Rudhir Forest. You should find a couple of them hanging out with some Ropers on a small patch of land across a small pond.

Demihuman Talons are only used in the construction of one weapon, Shionne’s Grouper Flood. Once you’ve constructed the Grouper Flood, any further Demihuman Talons you get are pretty much worthless, so you can sell them to a merchant or blacksmith for 60 gald a pop. Oh, and free advice: don’t confuse Demihuman Talons with Large Demihuman Talons. Those are completely different materials.

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