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Tales of Arise Beast Mane Location

Tales of Arise Beast Mane Location

Here’s a fun science fact: different kinds of animal fur have different properties that help them adapt to their surroundings. Did you know that polar bear fur isn’t actually white, but transparent? It scatters light, which helps them blend in with their surroundings and regulate their body temperature. In the context of a fantasy world like in Tales of Arise, such fur is also, apparently, very useful for crafting weapons! Here’s the location of Beast Mane in Tales of Arise.

Shortly after the party first enters Cyslodia, local merchants will begin carrying some new weapons in the Forge menu. One of those weapons is Gale Wing, the best sword Alphen can have by this point in the game. In order to craft it, you’ll need 8 Hard Bones, 1 Razor-Tipped Feather, and 2 Beast Manes. The good news is that there’s a convenient source of Beast Mane located fairly early in the region, specifically in the Rudhir Forest. The bad news is that that source is a really, really big Ice Wolf.

Where to get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise

Here is where to get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise:

  1. Pass through Rudhir Forest on your way to Cysloden
  2. Fight the Ice Wolf Leader at the end of the area
  3. When defeated, Ice Wolf Leader will drop 2 Beast Mane
Tales of Arise Beast Mane Location

As you voyage through the Rudhir Forest, near the end of the map you’ll come into a large clearing, where, in a cutscene, the party will be ambushed by the Ice Wolf Leader, plus two regular Ice Wolves. This guy’s a full-on miniboss, much bigger than the Ice Wolves and Ice Wolf Alphas you fought so far. Still, compared to some of the boss encounters you’ve already had by this point in the game, he’s not too hard as long as you play it smart. There’s a merchant right before the fight, so make sure you’re stocked up on Apple Gels and Life Bottles. 

As for the fight itself, simply dispatch the smaller wolves first, then focus your attacks on the Ice Wolf Leader’s orange core to knock it over. Wail on it as much as you can, then get out of the way when it starts throwing ice attacks. Liberal use of Alphen’s Blazing Sword will go a long way here. When the Ice Wolf Leader is killed, you’ll get two Beast Manes for your trouble, and if you’ve got the other items, you can immediately turn around, talk to the merchant, and forge Gale Wing.

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