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How to Defeat the Great Dragon in Tales of Arise

How to Defeat the Great Dragon in Tales of Arise

You can’t have a fantasy game without dragons, it’s pretty much a rule. Dragons are a symbol of strength and prestige (as well as pain and sorrow in the case of Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria), which means any dude bad enough to down one is not a dude anyone wants to mess with. There’s a particular dragon in Tales of Arise that would love nothing more than to stomp you into a fine powder, so it’s probably best if you know how to avoid that. In this guide, we will show you how to defeat the Great Dragon in Tales of Arise.

In Viscint, you’ll find a side-quest for a Gigant zeugle hunt, specifically for the Great Dragon. It’s a massive beast that terrorizes the Traslida Highway, though it won’t show up until you raise a bit of a fuss. At the spot where the sub-quest directs you, you’ll find some boars roaming about. If you start a fight with those boars, the noise will summon the Great Dragon from on high, and then the real punch-up starts.

How to Defeat the Great Dragon in Tales of Arise

Great Dragon, Lv. 24

  • HP: 71380
  • Attack: 848
  • Elemental Attack: 811
  • Penetration: 793
  • Defense: 395
  • Elemental Defense: 351
  • Resistance: 835
  • Weak Against: Water
  • Resistant to: Fire
How to Defeat the Great Dragon in Tales of Arise

The good news about this particular Gigant fight is that since it’s only level 24, you aren’t as hideously outclassed by it as you may have been by other Gigants you’ve passed by. Of course, it’s still a large and ferocious beastie, so your first priority should be staying out of clawing range.

The Great Dragon has a core in its chest, but going for it head on isn’t a great idea. Instead, try for a hit and run strategy, looping around to its back and peppering it with blows out of its reach. Give the Great Dragon a wide berth when it takes to the sky, hugging the boundaries of the arena until it comes down hard in the center. When it goes Over Limit, just play keep-away until it calms down. 

Try to draw its attention with Alphen or Law while Rinwell and Shionne pelt it with water attacks. Don’t bother with the Blazing Sword, as the Great Dragon resists fire, and it isn’t worth the HP penalty. Take it slow and steady, and soon enough the Great Dragon will keel over.

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