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Tales of Arise Fishing Spots

Learn about all of the Tales of Arise fishing spots, and the fish that frequent them.
Tales of Arise Fishing Spots

In addition to all the swordfighting, plot intrigue, and general fantasy adventure world-saving hoo-ha, the Tales games often have a veritable toy box full of miscellaneous minigames for you to enjoy. Puzzles, secret quests, and collectibles offer lots of post-game enjoyment, though if you’re looking for something a little more down to Earth, Tales of Arise’s pastime of choice is good ol’ fishing. Here’s what you need to know about Tales of Arise fishing spots.

You’ll first gain the ability to go fishing after you’ve made some story progress in the Menancia region. Specifically, the time will come in Talka Pond Road, not too long after Dohalim joins up with your party. Your first fishing outing will occur as part of the story, though you can also talk to a Fishing Expert hanging out by the dock for a fishing challenge and some free lures. Actually going fishing is pretty straightforward: just cast your line at a spot in the water where fish are hanging out, complete a couple of QTEs to hook it, then reel the sucker in. 

If you’re looking for a specific species of fish, you’ll probably want to know all the Tales of Arise fishing spots. Let’s take a look.

Tales of Arise Fishing Spots

So now that you know how to fish, the next step is to know where to fish. Chances are good you’ve already stumbled onto a few fishing spots by this point in the story, but for your convenience, here’s a list of all of them, plus the fish that frequent them.

Fishing SpotFish types
Calagila: Cave of SolitudeCave Seabass, Ambrel Mackerel, Karasuba Sea Bream, Lacerda Salmon
Cyslodia: Nevira SnowplainsPond Tilapia, Berseker Pirahna, Tricolored Catfish, Polar Bass, Nevira Piranha, Armored Sturgeon
Cyslodia: Frozen ValleyHawksbill Trout, Pearly Pike, Azure Tilapia, Cyslodian Salmon
Menancia: Overseer HillMenancian Bass, Traslida Arowana, Golden Catfish
Menancia: Talka Pond RoadDahnan Bass, Menancian Catfish, Talka Trout
Mahag Saar: Adan LakeMuddy Pirarucu, Aureum Arowana
Mahag Saar: Adan RuinsEmerald Salmon, Lesser Pirarucu, Aqfotle Arowana
Mahag Saar: Hidden WharfVesper Sea Bass, Sardonyx Grouper, Garnet Sea Bream, Blueback Tuna, Mahag Saar Barracuda, Silver Marlin
Ganath Haros: Shinefall WoodsThe Ganath Haros Piranha, Ganath Haros Catfish, Green Pike
Ganath Haros: Lavtu MarshlandsLavtu Tilapia, Lavtu Arowana, Cobalt Trout
Ganath Haros: Fogwharl Limestone CavernsFogwharl Pike, Cygni Pirarucu
Uninhabited IslandTsuyukusa Mackerel, Mahagsaar Flatfish, Zesti Grouper, Gluttonous Barracuda

That concludes all the Tales of Arise fishing spots you should know about. For more related content, you can head on over to our Tales of Arise section and check out some guides.

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