Survival Mode Coming to Call of Duty Mobile

Survival Mode Coming to Call of Duty Mobile

The popular Survival mode might be making a comeback in Call of Duty Mobile, one data miner has found. Many people speculated CoD Mobile Zombies would have a linear progression system, meaning players would have to kill bosses and hordes of zombies to progress to the next level. However, Stealthbubble has found files suggesting Survival Mode may be coming to the game soon.

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Survival Mode Coming to Call of Duty Mobile

Stealthbubble announced on Twitter that five new features will soon be added to CoD Mobile Zombies, including missions, challenges, strikes, raids, and survival.

Players may also be able to upgrade their weapons in Zombies lobbies using the Pack-a-Punch machine seen in Black Ops and World at War. Perks like Juggernaut and Double Tap have also been leaked, according to Stealthbubble.

There’s no doubt players are excited for the introduction of Survival mode, as it has previously been one of the most popular game modes in the past. There is still no official launch date for Zombie on Call of Duty: Mobile, yet…

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