Summit1G Explains How Airstrikes Should Work In Warzone
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Summit1G Explains How Airstrikes Should Work In Warzone

Activision / Summit1g

Summit1g has consistently been one of the top Call of Duty: Warzone streamers on Twitch this past month. After grinding out dozens of 10+ hour-long Warzone sessions, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about the game by now.

One common complaint from Summit1g and other Warzone players has been about campers, specifically rooftop campers. We’re talking about the squad that posts up on the same building all game and somehow gets lucky enough with the circle that they don’t have to move at all.

There is currently no counter to people that do this. Call in an airstrike, you might be thinking. Well, the issue here, as Summit explains, is that the game announces when an airstrike is incoming. This gives that roof camping squad plenty of time to react and go inside for a few seconds.

“People just can’t sit on roofs the whole game”, he says. “That’s crazy! Make the airstrikes big, so they sweep the whole building top. And make them instant, so you can’t even respond to it.”

This “low key airstrike”, as he puts it, might be the solution Warzone needs in the current meta of roof campers and guys in vehicles with rocket launchers.

Summit isn’t the only streamer getting frustrated with Warzone. Dr Disrespect said he’s getting tired of Warzone today after an unfortunate death during the Twitch Rivals Showdown.

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