Dr. Disrespect Is Getting Tired of Warzone

Some streamers are starting to get worn out with Call of Duty: Warzone, Infinity Ward’s new battle royale game. There’s been a frustrating meta evolving in the past few days that consists of either roof camping with snipers for the entire match, or riding around in a vehicle with rocket launchers and running people over.

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Add Dr Disrespect to the list of people who are on the edge of quitting. During the Twitch Rivals Showdown Warzone tournament today, he managed to hop on the back of someone’s Cargo Truck and unload four clips into the driver through the back window.

After taking the driver out, he goes to hop over the truck while the vehicle is still moving and instantly gets killed by it. Watch the clip here to get a better idea of what we’re talking about.

After this crazy maneuver, the Doc says he’s “getting real close to deleting this game.” Obviously frustrated by what just happened, he asks “what is this game designed for two-year-olds? How can I take it seriously?”

Summit1g also went off on a tangent today and proposed an airstrike rework that could fix the roof camping situation plaguing the game.

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