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Street FIghter: Duel Reroll Guide – Best Characters To Reroll

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin, rollin'
Artwork of several Street Fighter Duel Characters posing
Image via Capcom and Crunchyroll Games

Street Fighter: Duel seeks to bring the electric fighting game to a mobile audience. They’ve included favorites from every generation of the game. You get a team of four to play with so you’ll be able to get quite a few of your favs on your team. However, you still need to pull these characters. While SF: Duel is very generous with their pulls and gems, it can still take a while to get that one character you want. Even then, who knows if they’re actually any good.

This guide will teach you how to reroll and characters that are worth rerolling for.

Street Fighter: Duel Reroll Guide – Best Characters

How to Reroll

Rerolling is the act of doing a game’s initial 10x rollover and over until you get the desired result. Rerolling in many mobile games involve deleting all the game’s data, and maybe the app itself. SF: Duel’s is a bit easier.

  • Sign in as a guest. This will ensure the game doesn’t sync your data across servers and that you don’t accidently override the data.
  • Go through the tutorial until you can pull your initial 10 characters. If you got one you like or a strong one, you can stop here.
  • If not, click on your profile in the upper left corner and go to “basic settings”. At the bottom right corner of the box, you’ll see “select server”. Switch servers here and try again. Keep doing this until you get what you want. Then link your account and sign in officially.

Who to Reroll For – Best Characters

There are some really strong fighters in the game. M.Bison, Rose, Gen, Juri, and Dhalsim are among the top. But with SF: Duel, team composition can matter a ton. Elena is the best healer in the game but if you have a team with her in the first or second position then she’s not being utilized to the best of her ability.

While those characters are among the best, in early games it may be prudent to employ a different strategy. Speed can rule early on as fighters get a boost to the super meter if they attack first. Because of this, Cammy and Chun-Li are good units to overwhelm opponents. But if you’re lucky enough to get Elana early, you could go for a tank unit like Makoto who has pretty good speed and AoE attacks.

Once you start getting into the high double digits of character levels, your initial starters could start falling to the side and that’s okay. What’s important and getting past certain walls during the stages and good team composition can help a lot with that more than having M.Bison.

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