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Should you side with NetWatch or Voodoo Boys in Cyberpunk 2077?

Should you side with NetWatch or Voodoo Boys in Cyberpunk 2077?

Have you ever noticed how, when you’re a morally-flexible mercenary in a dystopian setting, you often find yourself caught between two or more major factions? It always seems to happen in these settings, as it does in Cyberpunk 2077 when you’re caught between NetWatch and the Voodoo Boys. Here’s what changes depending on who you side with.

Should you side with NetWatch or Voodoo Boys in Cyberpunk 2077?

During the story mission “I Walk the Line,” you’ll need to make your way through a large mall at the behest of Placide, the Voodoo Boys’ second-in-command. A NetWatch agent has two of his people, Brigitte and Ti, on ice, and Placide needs you to knock him out and jack into him to free them. However, when you confront the Agent, he tells you that Placide plans to betray you, and that if you just let him walk away with his data, he’ll let Brigitte and Ti go. How you handle this will change how the rest of the mission, and the mission that follows, plays out.

Watching NetWatch

If you side with the NetWatch agent, he’ll keep his word. He’ll set Brigitte and Ti free, take his data, and leave. If you left the patrols alive in the mall, you’ll be able to leave without drawing any further ire from them. Johnny won’t like this choice, so if you’re trying to keep him happy, it may not be the ideal course of action. In the following mission “Transmission,” you’ll wake up towards the end of things surrounded by several dead Voodoo Boys guards, and a whole lot of very much not-dead ones you’ll have to either fight or sneak past before starting a boss fight with Placide.

Doing the Voodoo

If you side with the Voodoo Boys and slug the agent, Placide will use a virus he snuck into you as a relay and burn all of the other NetWatch agents, banking on the assumption you’ll die as well. Guess the agent was telling the truth, but regardless, Brigitte and Ti are freed anyway. Once again, you can leave the mall unmolested, though in this case because everyone is already dead. At the end of “Transmission,” you won’t be surrounded by Voodoo Boy corpses, and will be able to get on with your day without any further conflict.

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