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Should You Keep or Sell the Signet Ring in Dredge?

We're stuck on this one.
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There are quite a few collectibles you can earn while playing Dredge, along with plenty of exotic-looking fish. An item that has received a lot of recognition is known as the Signet Ring and players are baffled as to what it does or if it’s valuable. Should you sell the ring? Does the ring serve a purpose? Is it purely just something you can trade for gold? We’re going to dive into what the Signet Ring is so we can let you know if you should keep or sell it on Dredge.

Is the Signet Ring valuable in Dredge?

The Signet Ring is an item you can receive after you have completed a pursuit called Castaway. If you haven’t started this quest yet you need to head for Devil’s Spine. You should notice some stones placed in a specific area that spell out SOS. SOS is an indication that someone is there and they need some serious help. Help out the passenger by taking him on an excursion to Little Marrow and once you have arrived you will get the Signet Ring.

We know where it comes from but is it worth anything? Some players are skeptical of tossing it because the description of the ring indicates it might give your character a buff. Players are comparing this item to the Brass Knuckles, which you can earn from a quest and you can sell to a trader. If you do sell the Brass Knuckles you risk giving it to the Grieving Father. So, does the ring have the same outcome if you were to sell it?

What should you do with the Signet Ring in Dredge?

If you’re banging your head against a wall trying to figure out if you should sell it or not, honestly, we recommend holding onto it. Maybe in the future, we will get some answers. We know you can sell it for 90 coins to the trader, however, we also know selling it might mean losing on an opportunity similar to the brass knuckles incident. If you need the extra coin, by all means, sell it because it does end up in the trinket section of your inventory so that could just mean it’s useless. The only purpose it had in life was to be sold.

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