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How to Find Oarfish, Gulper Eel, Goliath Tigerfish, and Coelacanth in DREDGE – Recording Rarities Guide

The many layers of DREDGE Pursuits
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Some Pursuits may take longer than others, but it is all a learner experience for those who want to become a veteran at Sea. In DREDGE, there are many ways for players to upgrade their gear, but the main process is through completing the Pursuits. These are found and given through exploring the Regions and talking to everyone you meet along the way. Pursuits act as a means of forwarding the narrative and also the primary source of obtaining Research Parts which are crucial to upgrading your gear. One of these Pursuits however, the Recording Rarities Quest has multiple layers to its completion. For those wondering where to find the Oarfish, Gulper Eel, Goliath Tigerfish and Coelacanth for Recording Rarities in DREDGE, this guide will show you everything you need to know.

Where to Find Oarfish, Gulper Eel, Goliath Tigerfish and Coelacanth

This Pursuit in DREDGE can be rather tricky to complete due to the mass amounts of Fishing Rods you need to use to catch each fish on this list. To make this harder, each fish is located in a different spot across the Map’s Regions. Therefore, this Pursuit will be one to complete slowly, as you need to obtain 3 different types of Fishing Rods in order to catch the fish in the Questline. For those wondering where you can find all of these fish, their locations are listed below.

  • Oarfish – Found at the south-west side of Gale Cliffs, underneath the Waterfall (Depth: Abyssal)
  • Gulper Fish – Found on the north-east side of Stellar Basin, near the Research Outpost (Depth: Hadal)
  • Goliath Tigerfish – Found at the northern tip of Twisted Strand, where there is a curved dead-end (Depth: Mangrove)
  • Coelacanth – Located at the south-west point of Devil’s Spine which requires Explosives to find this fish spawn (Depth: Abyssal)

How to Catch Abyssal and Hadal Fish in DREDGE

As there are many species of fish, all of which reside under varying depths within the Ocean, players will need to purchase multiple Fishing Rods in order to catch specific fish. Unfortunately, for this Pursuit, you need to purchase 3 separate Rods in order to tick off each fish from the Pursuit Objectives. This guide will show you how to get each Rod in DREDGE.

Abyssal Fishing Rod

The Abyssal Fishing Rod has multiple variations but the first you will obtain naturally in DREDGE is through the completion of the Collect All Samples Pursuit. You will get this Pursuit in Stellar Basin, via the Researcher inside the Old Fortress. The goal is to locate and catch a Glowing Octopus, Aurora Jellyfish and Firefly Squid. The easiest part of this Pursuit is that all fish can be found at night, but all have different catching requirements.

As every fish is Coastal, you will be able to catch these with your most basic Fishing Rod or Trawl Net. The Glowing Octopus can be found along the coast, being the most shallow areas on the Map within Stellar Basin. You will find the Aurora Jellyfish throughout Stellar Basin, but we recommend using the Improved Trawl Net to catch these. Finally, you need to get the Firefly Squid which is located in the south-west side of Stellar Basin. Again, due to its Coastal depth, you will be able to use your Basic Fishing Rod to catch this last fish.

Return to the Researcher where you will be sent to the Research Outpost at the northern side of Stellar Basin. You need to collect the Prototype Parts by inspecting the table within the Outpost. Return the goods to the Researcher to obtain the Sampling Device, the Abyssal Fishing Rod.

Hadal Fishing Rod

The Hadal Fishing Rod that you need to purchase is the Bottomless Lines. This is only available upon getting the Abyssal Fishing Rod, Sampling Device. You only need to place x1 Research Parts into the Research Menu after the Sampling Device. This will unlock the Hadal Fishing Rod. Remember that when you use Research Parts the item will become available for purchase, so head to the Shipwright to complete your research and obtain the final Rod. With this in hand, you will be able to complete the Recording Rarities.

How to Get Explosives in DREDGE

In order to find the final fish on the list, Coelacanth, players need to get their hands on some Explosives. The specific Pursuit you need to complete however, is the Hermitage. You will get this Pursuit from Retired Whaler in Ingfell, which will take you to Hermit inside the Ruins. To complete the Pursuit you must dredge the Family Crest within Gale Cliffs. Be sure to avoid the sea creature who will be hot on your tail throughout your expedition.

The Pursuit ends with you returning the Crest, using the Explosiuves for the first time so that the brothers can reunite. You will obtain Explosives as a reward, which can be used in Devil’s Spine to gain access to the Coelacanth.

That was our guide on how to complete the Recording Rarities Pursuit in DREDGE. For more guides on DREDGE, be sure to check out Gamer Journalist. Alternatively, please check out our other content on Horror Games outside of the Fishing realm. Thank you for reading!

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