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Should you catch Calyrex with Spectrier or Glastrier in The Crown Tundra

Should you catch Calyrex with Spectrier or Glastrier in The Crown Tundra

The second Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass, The Crown Tundra, is now playable for all players. There’s a new explorable area, lots of returning and new Pokemon, including Galarian forms and Legendaries, and new content and quests to playthrough. One of the early quests in the game lets you capture Calyrex. You have the option of selecting Spectrier or Glastrier to fuse with Calyrex in this task. So, should you catch Calyrex with Spectrier or Glastrier in The Crown Tundra? Here’s everything you need to know.

You will encounter Calyrex early on in the expansion DLC. Calyrex will ask you to follow it into the woods, and you will have to battle the Psychic Ghost-type Pokemon. Calyrex will take control of Peony’s body and introduce himself to you. After interacting with a few NPCs, you can return to Calyrex, and he will talk about the four-legged steed he used to ride around the lands. Ultimately, you’ll need to retrieve some carrot seeds from a vendor in the center of town for 8 Dynite Ore. 

Should you catch Calyrex with Spectrier or Glastrier in The Crown Tundra

After retrieving the carrot seeds for Calyrex, you’ll need to choose either a Field of Pristine Snow or a Field by Gravestones. The choice you make will affect which Pokemon you can capture alongside Calyrex. You can capture either one, but you cannot capture both unless you own two copies of The Crown Tundra.

To get Spectrier, plant your carrot seeds in the Field by Gravestones. Planting the seeds in the Field of Pristine Snow will get you Glastrier. Spectrier is probably the better bet in terms of being competitive. Afterward, you’ll need to travel back and battle the Pokemon of choice. From there, you’ll obtain a tuft of hair and have to construct a Reins of Units. Speak with Calyrex to get the Radiant Petal and craft the Reins of Unity with Peony’s help.

Finally, you’ll meet Calyrex at the Crown Shrine, which is at the peak of The Crown Tundra. That’s everything for this part of the quest. Placing the carrot in the shrine summons the Pokemon you chose, whether it be Spectrier or Glastrier.

Here’s a look at the base stats for Spectrier and Glastrier:

Spectrier: Shaderoot Carrot (Gravestone)

  • HP: 100
  • Attack: 65
  • Defense: 60
  • Special Attack: 145
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed: 130

Glastrier: Iceroot Carrot (Pristine Snow)

  • HP: 100
  • Attack: 145
  • Defense: 130
  • Special Attack: 65
  • Special Defense: 110
  • Speed: 30

Spectrier has a higher special attack and speed, which makes it a solid choice. Combining Calyrex with Spectrier boosts these stats even more, so that’s what we’d recommend. Hopefully, that answers your questions about catching Calyrex with Spectrier or Glastrier in Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra.

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