Secret Passages Fortnite Locations

One of this week’s Fortnite challenges asks players to hide in Secret Passages in different matches. With the release of the new season, a series of underground passages have been added to the map. These passages can be accessed through portapotties or dumpsters that are scattered around the island.

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Secret Passages Fortnite Locations

You will need to complete this challenge over the course of three different matches. Here is where you can find the Secret Passages:

  • The Shark
  • The Islands
  • The Rig
  • The Agency
  • The Yacht
  • The Grotto
  • SHADOW Safe Houses
    • Between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges in B4
    • The island north of Misty Meadows in E7
    • Southeast of Craggy Cliffs in F2
    • East of Frenzy Farms in G4
  • GHOST Safe Houses
    • East of Weeping Woods in D5
    • East of Frenzy Farms in G4

Again, you’ll need to complete this challenge over the course of three different matches, so don’t bother trying to do it all at once. The secret passages are also only active in normal mode, so you won’t find them in Team Rumble or Creative modes.

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