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Sea of Thieves: Who Are The Sovereigns And What Do They Do?

Yo Ho, time to set SALE easier
Sea of Thieves Season 7
Image via Rare and Microsoft Studios

Season 7 of Sea of Thieves has all sorts of new features and NPCs to engage with. One of the most interesting additions is the Sovereigns. Not to be confused with the Sovereign sets of outfits you’ve been able to buy for years in the game. Besides the name, they have no connection as far as we can tell. So let’s look at the new interactive NPCs, the Sovereigns, and what they do.

Who are the Sovereigns and What do They Do?

One of the bigger problems a lot of players have in Sea of Thieves is selling loot when you just have too much. When you’re part of a small crew or playing on your own, unhauling loot can take several minutes and you can even take up time going through it all. With Season 7, Rare looks to streamline the process and make cashing in faster and easier. With Sovereigns, you can now sell directly to them and your currency faster and easier than ever before.

The Sovereigns are a new faction you can visit as new merchants who will set up shop in front of the docks. Here in their new shop, you can sell all of your loot in one quick and easy place. Now with this new update, players won’t have to go to specific merchants to sell off corresponding items throughout the island or at the port. Finally, you can quickly dump all the loot you don’t want and get everything out in one visit.

Don’t forget with Season 7, you can become a captain now, which means decorating and adding loot to your ship and captain’s quarters. So be sure to go through all the items you want to keep first before trying out this new faster way to sell what you don’t need.

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