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Roblox Survive the Slasher Codes (March 2023)

Can You Survive?
Survive the Slasher
Image via Sad Box Studio

If you’ve ever wanted to play a deranged game of hide and seek with epochal villains like Huggy Wuggy and Springtrap, that’s what lies in store in Survive the Slasher. In the multiplayer experience playable via the Roblox platform, players pick their favorite map, then are expected to find a good hiding space. A short time later, a randomly selected killer player is spawned in, who must find and kill all survivors.

It’s a simplistic gameplay loop, reminiscent of non-Roblox titles such as Dead by Daylight and Among Us. But, with a robust store that holds weapons and skins for the killer, it helps to have some extra cash. That’s largely what players can expect from Survive the Slasher codes. If you use these codes, you can get more than $2,000 before you’ve even played a single game!

All Survive the Slasher Codes List

Last checked: March 18, 2023

Added one new code.

Survive the Slasher Codes (Working)

These are all the working Survive the Slasher codes.

  • DOORS — Unlocks: 500 Cash (New)
  • Valentines — Unlocks: $500 Cash
  • M3GAN — Unlocks: $500 Cash
  • NewYear — Unlocks: $35k cash
  • Nevermore — Unlocks: $150 Cash
  • Realm — Unlocks: $500 Cash
  • SadBoxStudio — Unlocks: $500 Cash
  • wow — Unlocks: $250 Cash
  • tenunlock — Unlocks: $250 Cash
  • destact — Unlocks: $250 Cash
  • strange — Unlocks: $500 Cash
  • 15K — Unlocks: $250 Cash
  • 14K — Unlocks: $250 Cash
  • Mystic — Unlocks: $500 Cash

Survive the Slasher Codes (Expired)

These are all the expired Survive the Slasher codes.

  • There are currently no expired codes.

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How to Redeem Codes in Survive the Slasher

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Survive the Slasher.

Survive the Slasher
Image via Sad Box Studio
  1. Launch Survive the Slasher on Roblox.
  2. In the lobby — you only have a limited amount of time to do this before you’re forced into the game, so this may take several tries — click the second button along the bottom of the screen. It looks like a pair of blue price tags.
  3. Input the code/s, then click REDEEM to receive your rewards.

How Can You Get More Survive the Slasher Codes?

It would seem that, according to developer Sad Box Studio / Destact, new codes will be released via their Twitter account, as well as through their Discord server and Roblox group. To join the Discord server, click that link, and make sure you’re logged in to Discord either via the web browser or Discord client. To join the Roblox group, click that link and make sure you’re logged into your Roblox account before clicking JOIN GROUP.

Why Are My Survive the Slasher Codes Not Working?

If you’re trying to redeem codes, but Survive the Slasher won’t accept them, there are a number of things that could be wrong. For starters, you want to make sure you’re copying and pasting the codes into the box, not manually typing them. It reduces the possibility of user error if you copy and paste them directly from this page into the Roblox app. If you’re doing this, but it’s still rejecting your codes, they could have expired. If this is the case, keep an eye on the developer’s Twitter, Discord, and Roblox group for more.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Survive the Slasher

In the lobby, while you’re waiting for intermission to end, you can redeem an extra $500 from a giant box if you join the developer’s Roblox group. If you launch the game after joining the group, you’ll be able to claim an additional $500 of in-game currency just for having done so! I guess sometimes it pays to join a community! You can use this additional reward in the in-game store to nab some knives or skins!

What is Survive the Slasher?

Survive the Slasher is a multiplayer horror experience developed by Sad Box Studio / Destact for the Roblox platform. In the game, one player is selected to be the ‘killer,’ while everyone else must run and hide from them. It’s essentially an advanced version of hide-and-seek, and as such some similarities can be found in comparison to games like Among Us and Dead by Daylight. Survive the Slasher released in mid-to-late 2017, and is still receiving new content in the form of updates.

If you’re looking for more codes for a variety of games on the Roblox platform, check out our dedicated Roblox section! You can also find a myriad of content on other, non-Roblox games by checking out our home page! In the meantime, be sure to make Gamer Journalist your one stop for all things gaming!

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