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Roblox PS4 and PS5 Controls: Explained

Master your PS Roblox in no time!
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Roblox finally arriving on PS4, and PS5 is making the lives of many gamers easier. If you are one of those who were patiently waiting for this day when the Roblox platform will finally come down to Sony’s consoles, you have probably tried everything to connect your PS controllers to either mobile or PC and try to hack your way into the Roblox experience. It’s all over now.

As players were connecting to Roblox for the first time on their beloved consoles, we noticed that many of them had questions about controls. For example, they weren’t sure how to check controls for a particular game or change particular game settings. Luckily, we dove into the issue, and here’s everything you need to know about PS controls on Roblox.

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How to Check Roblox Game Controls on PS4 and PS5?

As you probably know, no 2 experiences on Roblox are the same, and all have unique and special controls and commands. When you want to check controls for your favorite game in the Roblox world, you only need to go through a few steps:

  1. Enter the game.
  2. Press the Options button.
  3. Select Menu.
  4. Go to Help, and you’ll see all your controls for that game.

How to Change Sensitivity and Camera Mode on PS4 and PS5?

Changing your Sensitivity and Camera mode on PS consoles is a piece of cake as well. All you need to do is press the Options button and go to Menu, followed by Settings. At the top, you’ll see that you have an option of either having a Follow camera mode or a Default (Classic) one.

Right below the Camera Mode option, you’ll see Sensitivity settings. You can use the simple increase-decrease slider there to set the desired sensitivity of your stick. But you should keep in mind that some players have reported that the game keeps the same sensitivity levels even when changing this setting, so there might be a bug currently that won’t allow you to change much. When we get more info on this issue, we’ll make sure to update our article.

How Do You Access Roblox Chat/Voice Chat on PS4 and PS5?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any chat or voice chat at this moment on the PS version of Roblox. The developers mentioned that they are working on that and plan to implement it soon, but for now, you can’t chat with other players in-game. Moreover, the dev team has advised players to also turn off both chat and voice chat in the settings when playing during this period.

We hope you found our article helpful! Once you’ve settled into your PS Roblox experience, you can head over to our Roblox Game Codes post or Roblox Promo Codes page and reap codes for your favorite games! You can then go on and follow us on Facebook so you never miss an exciting guide again!

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