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Roblox My Hero Rising Codes (March 2023)

It's time to go PLUS ULTRA!!
My Hero Rising
Image via Villager

My Hero Rising is an experience created by Villager for the Roblox platform. In this game, based on the acclaimed My Hero Academia manga/anime, players can become the greatest hero! Wield a variety of weapons and quirks to increase your strength and use increasingly powerful abilities! It can be rough if you’re just starting out on your heroic journey! Redeem these codes to get a leg-up on your rivals!!

All My Hero Rising Codes

It’s time to go PLUS ULTRA! If you’re looking for codes for My Hero Rising, look no further! We here at Gamer Journalist have put together a full list of active and expired codes to net you some freebies! It doesn’t hurt to try redeeming codes, regardless of if they’re active or expired! You never can tell when codes are re-activated, after all! But, be sure to redeem the active ones as soon as possible!

Last Checked: March 13, 2023. No changes made.

Currently Active Codes

  • 10kMilestone — Redeem for 3 EPIC Spins!
  • 7kLikes — Redeem for 5 COMMON Spins!
  • 5klikes — Redeem for 5 RARE Spins!
  • UPDATE — Redeem for 10 COMMON Spins!

Currently Expired Codes

  • Release
  • HundredMembers
  • oops
  • 250Likes

What is My Hero Rising?

My Hero Rising is a Roblox experience themed after the acclaimed My Hero Academia manga/anime. In the game, players can spin the roulette to determine their quirk, and use their powers to become strong! Quirks range in power, from something like Boomerang or Gigantification all the way to One For All!

What are Codes Used For in My Hero Rising?

As of press time, the active codes can be used to increase your total spins. This means that you’ll have the ability to reroll your given quirk. Keep in mind that, when re-rolling, you need to click on the buttons that say COMMON SPIN, RARE SPIN, or EPIC SPIN to spin each roulette.

How do you Get More Codes in My Hero Rising?

As of press time, it is unclear how the developer of My Hero Rising will distribute new codes. But, the most likely resource — aside from bookmarking this page — is their discord server!

How do you Redeem Codes in My Hero Rising?

To ensure you’re redeeming these codes correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Open My Hero Rising in the Roblox app.
  2. In the main menu (where you see the title) click the YELLOW button that says REDEEM CODE HERE.
  3. Input the code in the text field provided.
  4. Click REDEEM.

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