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Eating Simulator codes – food and coins (October 2021)

Get the new Eating Simulator codes from our up-to-date list and claim free food and coins
Eating Simulator codes

Eating Simulator is a game developed by YUM for the Roblox experience platform. Players can eat as much food as they want to become bigger, level up, and upgrade their items. The goal is to become the biggest in the server and eat the most food. Explore new foods and see if you have what it takes to make it into the leaderboards. Use these Roblox Eating Simulator codes to get free food and coins for a headstart.

Eating Simulator codes are a free and easy way to get in-game rewards. The developers like to release new codes to reward their players with free items. New codes generally release with new game updates and whenever major game milestones get hit. Bookmark this page and check back daily for new codes and updates.

Make sure to like the Eating Simulator game on Roblox, and join the YUM Group to get some of the codes to work. You may need to restart the game and wait a few minutes for it to register.

All Eating Simulator codes

  • PETREWARD530K – Redeem code for 53,000 Coins and 52,000 Food (New)
  • HALFWAY500K – Redeem code for 52,000 Coins and 51,000 Food
  • GG475K – Redeem code for 51,000 Coins and 50,000 Food
  • INSANEPET450K – Redeem code for 50,000 Coins and 49,000 Food and Insane Pet
  • GODLYPET400K – Redeem code for 46,000 Coins and 45,000 Food and Lighting Destroyer Pet
  • FREE375K – Redeem code for 45,000 Coins and 44,000 Food
  • GETBIGTODAY350K – Redeem code for 42,000 Food and 43,000 Coins
  • EAT320K – Redeem code for 40,000 Food and 41,500 Coins
  • THANKSSOMUCH300K – Redeem code for 38,000 Food and 40,000 Coins
  • VERYCLOSE290K – Redeem code for 31,000 Food and 36,000 Coins
  • SOMEFOOD280K – Redeem code for 29,000 Food and 34,000 Coins
  • SOMECOINS270K – Redeem code for 28,000 Food and 33,000 Coins
  • LIVEEVENT260K – Redeem code for 27,000 Food and 31,500 Coins
  • BIGMILESTONE250K – Redeem code for 25,500 Food and 30,000 Coins
  • OPCODE240K – Redeem code for 24,000 Food and 27,500 Coins
  • GETFATNOW230K – Redeem code for 23,500 Food and 26,000 Coins
  • COINSBOOST220K – Redeem code for 23,500 Food and 21,000 Coins
  • FATBOOST210K – Redeem code 20,000 Food and 22,500 Coins
  • FREEPET200K – Redeem code 20,000 Food and 16,000 Coins
  • ALMOSTTHERE190K – Redeem code for 16,000 Food and 12,500 Coins
  • BIGFAT180K – Redeem code for 14,000 Food and 11,000 Coins
  • FAT170K – Redeem Code for 10,000 Food and 12,500 Coins
  • BUGFIXES140K – Redeem code for 7,700 Food and 9,600 Coins
  • BIGTHANKS130K – Redeem code for 7,000 Food and 9,500 Coins
  • EXTRAORDINARY120K – Redeem code for 6,200 Food and 8,500 Coins
  • REALLYCOOL110K – Redeem code for 5,500 Food and 8,000 Coins
  • BECOMEHUGE100K – Redeem code for free 5,500 Food and 4,300 Coins
  • REALLYHYPE90K – Redeem code for 5,500 Coins and 4,300 Food
  • FATNECK80K – Redeem code for 5,500 Food and 4,000 Coins
  • BIGBELLY70K – Redeem code for 5,000 Food and 4,500 Coins
  • OMG60K – Redeem code for 2,600 Food and 3,600 Coins
  • CRAZY50K – Redeem code for 2,100 Food and 3,000 Coins
  • FREEFAT40K – Redeem code for 1,600 Food and 500 Coins
  • INSANE30K – Redeem code for 1,200 Food and 1,900 Coins
  • THANKS20K – Redeem code for 900 Food and 3,000 Coins
  • YAY10K – Redeem code for 600 Food and 3,000 Coins
  • RELEASE – Redeem code for 100 Food

Expired Codes

There are no expired codes at this time. When the above codes expire, we will add them to this section.

Eating Simulator FAQ

How to redeem codes for Eating Simulator?

To redeem codes in Eating Simulator, start by launching the game from the Roblox site. When you are in the game, locate the Twitter button on the side of the screen and tap on it. Enter any working code into the box and hit redeem to claim your in-game reward.How to redeem codes for Eating Simulator

How do I get more Eating Simulator codes?

To find codes for Eating Simulator, you can join the official Discord server and YUM group. The developers of the game will post updates in those locations and sometimes include new codes. We also maintain this list of codes so that we will have it on our list whenever a new one releases. Bookmark this page and check back daily for the latest updates.

Game Description


👍 THUMBS UP 👍 our game and join our “YUM” group for an EXCLUSIVE IN-GAME BOOST!
🍕Can you be the fattest of them all?🍕

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