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Roblox: Best Quirks in Hero’s Ultimatum

Best Quirks in Hero's Ultimatum

Hero’s Ultimatum is a new RPG game on the Roblox platform, inspired by My Hero Academia. There are many Quirks currently available in the game as of release, some of which are better than others. You can roll for Quirks at any time and even use some Hero’s Ultimatum codes for some free ones. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best quirks in Hero’s Ultimatum and explain how to reroll your quirks for new players.

How to Reroll your Quirks in Hero’s Ultimatum

Here’s how to reroll your quirks in Hero’s Ultimatum:

  1. Visit the “Quirk Research” building
  2. Speak with the Secretary and visit the Lab
  3. Talk with Dr. Fruity to reroll your Quirks

Best Quirks in Hero’s Ultimatum

The best Quirks in Hero’s Ultimatum are:

  1. Overhaul
  2. Explosion
  3. One For All
  4. Copy
  5. Hardening
  6. Hellflame

Overhaul is probably the best Quirk in the game right now. It’s effortless to use, and you don’t have to think much. The damage is incredible, and not much else needs to be said. Explosion is another good one, which is easy to use and effective for grinding and also PvP. This Quirk may have the most significant damage in the game right now.

One For All is another good Quirk because all the moves do great damage. It has a block breaker in base form, and the actions don’t have much start-up. Copy is one of the best Quirks in the game. You can dump all your points into Strength and copy other people’s perks like Explosion, Permeation, Hellflame, and stack them for amazing combos. Copy can be the best Quirk if you know how to use it properly.

Hardening is amazing because you’ll be unkillable in Red Riot Unbreakable mode. It does have downtime that makes you immobile for a short time, which can be harmful in certain situations. Hellflame is one of the best moves for grinding, but not so much for PvP. The skill may get a buff in the future, which would definitely bring it up the list.

Quirks aren’t everything in Hero’s Ultimatum because a lot of the game is skill-based. However, if you are very skilled at the game and have good Quirks, you will be in a much better position. Please also note that these Quirks often get buffed and nerfed, so our idea of which ones are the best will undoubtedly change over time.

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