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Roblox Baller Meme Explained

For the love of God stop posting about-
baller from boss fighting stages
Image via SupernalNine

If you’ve logged on to any sort of internet website, the chances are you’ve seen this devious fellow posted or referenced in some capacity. The Roblox Baller has been a huge copypasta victim and plagues people everywhere, whether they know where he’s from or not. The history of this character are surprising and yet completely unsurprising.

Who is Baller?

Baller can be traced back to a Roblox Experience called Boss Fighting Stages, where Baller is one of the fighting styles you can take on to fight enemies. The fighting style centres around ranged attacks and being quick. It was never intended for its state of high virality, and was merely an innocent fighting style in a popular Roblox game.

However, the term ‘baller’ has other meanings among the younger generations, which vary differently but have the same underlying factors. A ‘baller’ is typically someone who has worked their way into money from not a rich background, and is deemed as a cool guy. This crossover probably is what made that character in particular the victim of the copypasta.

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What is a copypasta?

Firstly, a copypasta is something, typically a line of text, that gets copies and pasted onto other forums or comment sections. This typically warrants a laugh from those who know what’s going on, and confusion from everyone else. Copypastas find their humour from the inherent ‘inside joke’ they are a part of. They are not typically funny in isolation of their reference.

‘Stop posting about Baller’ is the copypasta that gave our plucky meme its status. However, it is a Roblox twist on the viral copypasta ‘stop posting about Among Us’ during the incredibly viral Among Us period of the internet. The mere substitution of “Among Us” with Baller was a ridiculous attempt at ironic humour which really took off.

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