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Can You Reset Skill Points in Icarus

Use your skill points wisely!
Respec Skills Icarus

Icarus has added a layer on top of the standard multiplayer survival genre by having players level and sink points into talent trees. While this has led to some interesting and refreshing gameplay, players have been wondering if their used points are permanent or if they can respec their characters. So, can you reset skill points in Icarus?

Is It Possible to Reset Skill Points in Icarus?

No, you cannot reset skill points in Icarus. You will be unable to respec your character once you’ve committed points into the blueprint or talent trees. The only option available will be to start a new character.

While this has undoubtedly frustrated many players, it does add a unique element to the game, forcing players to plan further ahead. This also adds a fun dynamic for players playing with their friends, where each player has to be much more specialized to specific tasks. You may want to designate a builder in your group or a hunter, farmer, etc. 

Knowing that you cannot reset/respec skill points, you may want to sit down and plan out your build before getting started. Luckily some great developers have put together an awesome tool just for that. You can head over to and use their Tech and Talents tree calculators to figure out how you want to build out your character. Figure out where you want to spend your 128 blueprint and 48 talent points before they’re wasted.  

There is one other hope for players. If the developers add or change some skills in the talent tree, they may have to refund some points. There is no guarantee that this would happen, but since the game is actively updated and improved, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. 

We’re sorry to break the bad news! But follow us for more info on Icarus, especially as the game grows and develops. Try not to burn the entire forest down!

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