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How to Put Out Fires in Icarus

How to Put Out Fires in Icarus

In the new survival game from RocketWerkz known as Icarus, players will have to endure the various threats of nature. Natural disasters are a common occurrence in this game, and you’ll need to be prepared. Fires are one such disaster that could ruin your day. Failure to prepare could result in all your hard work going down the drain. This guide will teach you how to put out fires in Icarus.

Fires are devastating in real-life, and such is true in Icarus. You can accidentally step in a campfire, catch on fire, run next to your friend, catch them on fire, and burn down your entire house and maybe even the whole forest. It’s happened to me, in-game, of course. Severe thunderstorms can also cause lightning to strike your house, which can end up burning down your humble abode if you are not prepared. So, how the heck do you put out fires in Icarus?

How to Put Out Fires in Icarus

To put out Fires in Icarus, you need to use a Fire Whacker. The Fire Whacker is a Tier 1 Blueprint available in the second row of the Tier 1 tech tree, appropriately located next to the campfire blueprint. Fire Whackers have one purpose, and that is to beat out fires. They are fairly easy to craft, as the Fire Whacker recipe requires 10 Fiber, 4 Sticks, and 2 Stones, and can be created on your person as long as the materials are in your inventory.

How to Put Out Fires in Icarus - Fire Whacker

Equip your Fire Whacker and start left-clicking to beat it out any fire. However, if the fire is severe enough, it can take a bit of whacking to get it under control. It’s a good idea to keep a fire whacker inside of a chest in all of your houses. 

There are other ways to put out fires, as well. If you accidentally step in a campfire, and there’s a body of water nearby, submerge yourself in the water. That’s a common-sense way to prevent yourself from burning to death in Icarus. We have another tip that could save your house, too.

If you find yourself in a house that’s on fire, and it’s getting out of control, you can log out of the game to put it out. That’s a pretty cheesy way to put out a fire, but it does work at the time of writing. Sometimes, fires get too out of control, so this is an option if you don’t want to lose everything you’ve spent the last two hours building.

How Do Fires Start in Icarus

There are several ways a fire can start in Icarus:

  • Stepping in campfires
  • Dropping a lit torch near flammable objects
  • Lightning strikes

As you can see, there are many ways a fire can start, whether due to human error or natural disasters. At least now you know how to put the fires out in Icarus when they inevitably happen. As a bonus tip, you can build Lightning Rods to place on your home so lightning won’t strike your house and burn it to the ground.

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