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How to Make Glass in Icarus

A guide on how to make glass in Icarus
How to Make Glass in Icarus
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In the world of Icarus, there are lots of different resources to mine and blueprints to craft. One of the more advanced things you can make is glass, but it doesn’t require a whole lot in terms of materials. This guide will teach you how to make glass in Icarus, a durable and nice-looking material you can use on your houses.

How to Make Glass in Icarus

To make glass in Icarus, you must place Silica Ore into a Concrete Furnace. The material you will need to make glass include:

  • Concrete Furnace (Tier 3 Tech Tree)
  • Silica Ore

First, you will need to find and mine Silica Ore. This particular ore is generally found alongside the mountains in the starter areas, and you can mine it with the basic stone pickaxe. Next up, you’ll need to research and build the Concrete Furnace. It is a blueprint in the Tier 3 Tech Tree, and it’s not too difficult to get as the only prerequisite is a workbench. The recipe to make a Concrete Furnace is:

  • 12 Iron Ingot
  • 8 Rope
  • 12 Epoxy
  • 20 Concrete Mix

Place the Silica Ore inside the Concrete Furnace, along with some fuel, and activate it. The Concrete Furnace turns Silica into Glass! That’s really all you need to know about how to make Glass in Icarus.

Glass is a material you can use in a few different recipes in the game, including Glass Beams, Glass Doors, Glass Jars, Glass Roofs, Glass Roof Corners, Glass Walls, Glass Angled Walls, Glass Windows, Glassworking Bench, and a Heavy Class Window. So, as you can see, there’s a lot of different construction materials you can use glass in and incorporate into your house.

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