How to Check Icarus Server Status - Are Icarus Servers Down?
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How to Check Icarus Server Status – Are Icarus Servers Down?

How to Check Icarus Server Status - Are Icarus Servers Down?

Icarus is a session-based survival game that supports up to eight players cooperatively. The game features some unique mechanics tested throughout multiple betas during the year, which led to a very successful launch on Steam. The surge of players on launch day certainly caused some problems with the servers, which is always to be expected. This guide will show you how to check if the Icarus servers are down and where you can look to find out for yourself.

If you and the squad were recently disconnected from the Icarus servers, there’s a possibility the servers are having problems. Issues like this are generally widespread and don’t just affect one group of players. You can do a few things to check if the Icarus servers are down.

How to check if Icarus servers are down

The best way to check if the Icarus servers are down is by monitoring the game’s social media accounts. That includes checking Twitter, as well as the official subreddit.


Right now, there are two primary communications channels on Twitter that you can use to check the Icarus server status. The first is by following Dean Hall’s Twitter. He is the CEO of the RocketWerkz game studio based out of New Zealand. Hall does an excellent job communicating any current and ongoing service issues relating to Icarus. By following his account, you can also get the latest news, updates, patch notes, and other related announcements.

Another good account to follow is the official Icarus Twitter. The account is dedicated to all things Icarus, whether it’s announcements, updates, or game statuses. Both the Icarus and Dean Hall Twitters overlap a bit, as they are one and the same, but you could follow both of them to be sure you never miss a tweet.

Users are more than vocal on Twitter about not being able to connect to the game. Whenever you see tons of people commenting about problems, you can be fairly certain there are server problems. You can generally click on a tweet to check the comments and see if anyone else is having issues.


Another great place to check is on the Icarus server status and see if servers are down is on the Icarus subreddit. With about 5,000 members at the time of writing, there’s usually some ongoing discussion. It is especially active if there are server problems. The subreddit mods seem to be affiliated directly with RocketWerkz, judging by their recent posts about a server outage. Therefore, it’s a great place to check or post if you have issues.


At this time, we were unable to find an official Icarus Statuspage link, but we will update this post if they end up getting one. Typically, Statuspages are tied directly to server APIs, so they will immediately notify users of any downtime or known issues. 

If you cannot find any indication that the Icarus servers are down, you may want to try testing your connection. Launch other online games and see if you can connect and play without any issues. In the case that you are having connection issues, a good first step is restarting your router and modem.

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