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Rainbow Story Codes (August 2022)

Use our Rainbow Story codes list to redeem free in-game items and currency like Pearls, Black Pearls, Enhance Stones, and much more!
Rainbow Story Codes

Rainbow Story is a sidescroller idle adventure RPG developed by Eskyfun for mobile devices. In this game, players choose and customize one of three classes and venture out into the land of Tyre. Complete quests, defeat foes and collect mounts to help you during your journey. Unlock powerful skills, build your characters’ gear from exploring dungeons, and earn experience passively.

Make use of this free Rainbow Story codes list to redeem free in-game currency and items. Pearls are the common currency in the land of Tyre, while other items like Enhance Stones and Rations will help you level up your pets. If these codes help you out, you can bookmark this page and check back daily for more! We’ll update the list as new codes become available.

Rainbow Story Codes

Active Rainbow Story Codes

  • 33372TN31 – 500 Pearls, 3 Starup Small Angel, 3 Starp Stone, 2 Pet Recruiting Ticket
  • 3TY5DLV10 – 200 Pearls, 3 Wing Advancing Pills, 1 Offline AFK Ticket
  • 3WJRY749 – 100 Pearls, 3 Enhance Stone, 3 Mount Rations
  • Hi2022 – 200 Pearls, 2 Pet Recruiting Ticket, 2 Starup Small Angel
  • RS888 – 20 Black Pearls, 3000 Gold, 1 Starup Small Angel
  • RS777 – 200 Pearls, 2 Refining Stones, 2 Enhance Stones
  • RS666 – 200 Pearls, 5 Mount Rations, 1 Offline AFK Ticket
  • RS333 – 100 Pearls, 2 Enhance Stones, 1 Offline AFK Ticket

Expired Rainbow Story Codes

  • 3D7JQWU43 – Redeem code for Rewards (Expires April 15)
  • 3BYF44641 – Redeem code for Rewards (Expires April 3)
  • 35GRNPL40 – Redeem code for Rewards (Expires March 30)
  • 3EMTS6K39 – Redeem code for Rewards (Expires March 30)
  • 3WVQ7UW38 – Redeem code for 300 Pearls, 2 Enhance Stone, 2 Refining Stone, Starup Stone (Expires 17)
  • IWD2022 – Redeem code for rewards (Expires March 12)
  • 38HR8RH32 – 300 Pearls, 2 Source of Life, 4 Source of Block (Expires February 20)
  • 3WAD9L523
  • 3B3H9V617
  • 3EFSD3S18

How to Redeem Codes

  1. Launch Rainbow Story on your device
  2. Tap on the four-square icon on the right of the screen
  3. Tap on the Settings button to open the menu
  4. Navigate to the Code tab from the Settings menu
  5. Enter a working code into the pack redemption box
  6. Tap on the yellow Confirm button to claim your rewards

How to Get More Codes

Players can get more codes for Rainbow Story by following the proper social media channels. A Rainbow Story Facebook page is available to follow for game announcements, updates, promotional events, and more. Alternatively, you can simply follow our code wiki to stay totally up-to-date with any and all codes.

Those are all of the working Rainbow Story codes that you can use for free items. Remember to check back soon for new ones if you want to snag some free Pearls and other items to help you out!

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