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Roblox developers tend to steer away from scary games since many kids are on the platform. But every once in a while, you’ll find a game that strikes fear in you. That’s the case for PROJECT: Playtime. Join Svardo Studios’ terrifying adventure where you must build a giant toy while outrunning a murderous monster in a toy factory. 

Up to seven people can join you in this nightmare inducing game. Six of you must work together to construct a giant toy in the eerie establishment and escape. The seventh player must be the monster and race against time to eliminate the others.

Roblox developers usually give out codes so that players can enjoy free in-game items, ensuring a better gaming experience. Svardo Studios must have codes to make everyone’s missions easier, right? Let’s see about that.

All PROJECT: Playtime Codes

PROJECT: Playtime Codes (Working)

  • BOXINGLOVE2024: x500 Gems (New)
  • BILLYWILLY2024: x500 Gems (New)
  • GECKO2024: x600 Gems (New)
  • MISSDELIGT2024: x500 Gems (New)
  • CATTNAPNIGHT2024: x600 Gems
  • PGPUJ2024: x700 Gems
  • MAGICWAND2024: Magic Wand
  • DOGGDAY2024: x600 Gems

PROJECT: Playtime Codes (Expired)

Likewise, there are no expired codes for PROJECT: Playtime.

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Is There a Way to Redeem Codes in PROJECT: Playtime?

As of right now, there is no way to redeem codes PROJECT: Playtime. The developers may add the feature to the game, but they haven’t announced such plans so far. 

We will update this section with step-by-step instructions of the process if Svardo Studios adds code redemption to the game.

Where Can I Get the Latest PROJECT: Playtime news?

There are plenty of ways to stay up-to-date with PROJECT: Playtime news. As always, you can revisit this article occasionally since we share the latest news on all Roblox games. If you’d like to follow the developers, I recommend following the official PROJECT: Playtime Roblox page. You can also join their Discord to stay in touch with the community and make some friends!

Playcoins and Toy Tickets in PROJECT: Playtime

Playcoins (aka Coins) are a currency in PROJECT: Playtime. The only way to get them is by purchasing them with real money through the Shoppy. You can also use them for in-game cosmetics, which range from common to legendary.

If you’re scrounging for some money, join the Svardo Studios group on Roblox for 250 Coins!

You can get Toy Tickets by playing the game as you solve puzzles, revive people, and deposit Toy Parts. The higher the risk of the task, the bigger the Ticket reward. Toy Tickets have more uses compared to Playcoins. The Monster and Survivors can buy Sabotages and Perks with them to make gameplay easier.

What is PROJECT: Playtime?

PROJECT: Playtime is a Roblox horror game by Svardo Studios. As you may have noticed from the title, it is inspired by Mob Entertainment’s Poppy Playtime, in which you’re a former worker of a toy company who revisits the abandoned toy shop and is terrorized by evil toys. The good part about PROJECT: Playtime is that it’s multiplayer, so your friends will accompany you while you’re scared out of your mind. 

The lack of PROJECT: Playtime Codes must be disappointing. Hopefully, things will change soon! In the meantime, you can check out our Roblox game codes list.

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