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How to Get Aeos Gems in Pokémon UNITE

How to Get Aeos Gems in Pokémon UNITE

Certain MOBA games have recently stopped using the tag of “free-to-play” because, depending on how pervasive their in-game economies are, they really aren’t free-to-play. In lieu of that, one of the accepted choices is “free-to-start,” which is a little more accurate. Pokémon UNITE is considered a free-to-start game because you can download it for free and play a good chunk of it for free as well, but in order to get the full experience, you’ll probably have to slap down some cash. On that subject, here’s how to get Aeos Gems in Pokémon UNITE.

Pokémon UNITE’s in-game economy utilizes three types of currency: Aeos Coins, Tickets, and Aeos Gems. Aeos Coins are the free currency, earned from simply playing the game, and can be used to purchase Unite Licenses that give you access to new Pokémon. Tickets come in a few subsets, including Aeos Tickets for Hold items, Holowear Tickets for buying outfits for your Pokémon, and Fashion Tickets for buying Trainer outfits, all of which are earned from competing in daily events. Finally, Aeos Gems are the game’s premium currency, used for expediting the Pokémon unlocking process and, perhaps more importantly, activating the Battle Pass.

How to Get Aeos Gems in Pokémon UNITE

Unfortunately, unlike Coins and Tickets, there’s no way to get Aeos Gems in Pokémon UNITE through gameplay. The only way to get Aeos Gems is with cold, hard cash, though your first purchase of certain Aeos Gem bundles will yield a little more than usual. Here are the available Aeos Gem bundles and their prices:

  • 60 Aeos Gems (First Time Purchase: 120 Aeos Gems): $0.99
  • 245 Aeos Gems (First Time Purchase: 490 Aeos Gems): $3.99
  • 490 Aeos Gems (First Time Purchase: 980 Aeos Gems): $7.99
  • 1220 Aeos Gems (First Time Purchase: 2240 Aeos Gems): $19.99
  • 2450 Aeos Gems (+290 Bonus Gems): $39.99
  • 3050 Aeos Gems (+ 450 Bonus Gems): $49.99
  • 6000 Aeos Gems (+1100 Bonus Gems): $99.99

If you were wondering, activating the Battle Pass costs 490 Aeos Gems, a $7.99 value. You can’t activate the Pass with direct payments, you gotta buy the Gems first.

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