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Tsareena to Join Pokemon Unite Roster on December 9

Pokemon Unite releases a character spotlight announcing Tsareena as the newest Pokemon to join the expanding roster on December 9
Tsareena to Join Pokemon Unite Roster on December 9
Screenshot via YouTube/Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite was released on July 21, 2021, on the Nintendo Switch, and on September 22, 2021, for both Android and iOS. The game began with only 20 characters after its official release and has added seven new Pokemon to its lineup to date. Today, the official Pokemon Unite YouTube channel released the character spotlight for Tsareena, who will be joining the roster as its 28th pokemon on December 9.

Tsareena is announced to be an All-Rounder Pokemon, implying balanced stats in terms of offense, defense, and speed. It is confirmed that Tsareena will use melee kicking moves such as the signature Trop Kick ability in the traditional Pokemon games. While the video doesn’t list this Pokemon’s specific abilities, we can see that Tsareena has a dash move, sweeping kick, and a High Jump Kick combo, which, if like the mainline games, may have a damage penalty.

The grass-type Tsareena is a Gen VII Pokemon, first introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Tsareena is the Stage 2 evolution of the basic Pokemon Bounsweet and evolves from the Stage 1 Steenee. In Pokemon Unite, that means Tsareena will likely have an extremely slow early and mid-game, popping off when reaching Stage 2. 

Tsareena to Join Pokemon Unite Roster on December 9

Pokemon Unite may allow players to get Tsareena for free without purchasing a license by joining the event campaign for a limited time, similar to the Greedent release event. With the arrival of Tsareena on December 9, we can expect that the next Pokemon to join the roster will either arrive during the second half of December or in January. There are no rumors involving which Pokemon will join the roster next, but some fans anticipate a Speedster or Supporter since they are the only roles that have 4 characters each.

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