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Pokémon GO Oshawott Community Day (January 2022)

I’ve always been a diehard fan of the Water starter Pokémon, and Oshawott was no exception. Oshawott and Dewott were cute little otters with a penchant for seashells, while Samurott was a gigantic, majestic samurai otter. Really, the only thing not to like about Oshawott was everyone who thought they were clever nicknaming it “Revolver.” If you don’t have an Oshawott in your life, good news, you’ll get a proper chance soon. Here’s a guide to the September 2021 Oshawott Community Day in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Oshawott Community Day Guide

September’s Pokémon GO Community Day event will run on Sunday, September 19th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time. At this time, Oshawott will be the star of the show, appearing more frequently in the wild, and even more so if you employ a Rainy Lure Module at your local PokéStop. This event will also be the debut of Oshawott’s shiny variation for all you shiny hunters out there. If you can evolve Oshawott all the way up to Samurott during the event, it’ll learn the limited Main Move Hydro Cannon. Samurott will also have Razor Shell added to its kit, and it can learn that even after the event is over.

In addition to the gaggle of Oshawotts, Incense and Lure Modules activated during the event will last for a solid three hours, and all catches will net you 3x Catch XP. The Community Day Box will be available for a 1,280 PokéCoin purchase, and will contain 50 Ultra Balls, five Lucky Eggs, five Rainy Lure Modules, and an Elite Fast TM. If you spin some PokéStops and open up some gifts, you can earn some nifty Oshawott-themed stickers, though they’re also available for purchase in the store if you don’t feel like waiting. Make sure to take a few snapshots of Oshawott and others during the event too, as you may receive some secret prizes.

Finally, for a nominal fee of $1.00 USD, you’ll receive access to the limited-time Community Day Field Research Task, “From Scalchops to Seamitars.” Completing this task will earn you a free Rainy Lure Module.

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