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Pokemon Go Buddy System Guide

Pokemon Go has introduced a new Buddy System into their game after almost three years on the market. Players can now journey through the world with their favorite Pokemon by their side.

Pokemon Go Buddy System Guide

The new Pokemon buddy will walk alongside players, eat berries, and help catch new Pokemon.

Acquire a Buddy

To form your relationship, start feeding berries to a Pokemon you have already captured. Feeding them will raise their Good Buddy level and allow them to tag alongside you on your journey. To do this, head over to the new profile page.

Buddy Ranks

Good Buddy – Buddy Pokemon travel alongside you through the map and you can check on their status from the buddy profile page.

Great Buddy – Your Buddy will help you capture new Pokemon during encounters, and can also hold useful items for you.

Ultra Buddy – Your Buddy points out places of interest and brings you Souvenirs, which you can keep track of on the buddy profile page.

Best Buddy – The highest Buddy Rank gives you a Best Buddy Ribbon to show off, and you get a CP boost in combat.


Affection is earned through feeding and journeying alongside your buddy. This includes things like exploring and battling, and even simply taking a picture with your Buddy. You can get your Buddy excited and earn special bonuses, such as finding more items or hearts.

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