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Persona 4 Golden: How to Max the Devil/Sayoko Social Link

The Devil's Due
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Social Links are a large part of making your character stronger in Persona 4. They allow bonus experience to fused Persona’s, which give you an instant boost. On top of that, party members unlock special skills like being able to stay alive from a fatal blow.

Unfortunately, some social links are easy to miss as you need to be in a specific place or time for some to activate or advance. Even worse, when you get there, you may not choose the best option to advance your relationship.

Sayoko is unlocked by taking the part-time cleaning job from the bulletin board. You’ll need to do the job twice before you meet her. Once you do, you can only talk to her on Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays, so plan accordingly.

How to Max

Maxing is a game of positives and negatives. The answers you give will increase, decrease, or stay neutral in terms of experience gained. You need to hit a threshold to rank the social link up. For example, you may need 8 points to reach the next rank and they reset with each rank up. While answers are a great way to gain the experience, it’s sometimes not enough so you’ll just have to keep hanging out and seeing the character in order to gain enough experience. We’ll be focusing on the best choices with the highest experience gained.

Rank 1

Rank 1 is a free rank that has no positive or negative choices, just pick whatever you like best.

Rank 2

When you’re asked “Would you like to study with me? Perhaps a subject that they don’t teach in school…?

Your answer’s give the following points.

  • “What do you mean?” +2 points
  • “I’m not interested.” +2 points

You can choose either of these.

Rank 3

From now on you may get several questions. Any question not shown can have anything chosen as it doesn’t impact the experience gained or lost.

Sayoko asks a few questions here.

So why are you working at a job like this?”

  • “For the money.” +3 points

Do you have a girlfriend?”

  • “I do.” +2 points
  • “Right in front of me.” +2 points

Do you see what I’m getting at?

  • “Stop it!” +3 points
Rank 4

Don’t ask what happened here

  • “Okay.” +2 points
  • “I’d rather not know.” +2 points
  • “I can’t stay in here.” +2 points
Rank 5

That was the first time anyone called me…to my face

  • “It’s like a soap opera.” +2 points
Rank 6

This is a free rank as anything can be chosen for any question

Rank 7

Sayako looks pale and seems very tired.

  • “Hang in there.” +3

From here on, everything is a free choice and offers no advantage over other options.

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