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All Trophies in Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide

Have that 100% marker in sight
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Persona 4 Golden released on Steam on June 13 of 2020, and with the port of Persona 3 Persona now on the very same platform, even more eyes will be drawn to experiencing the golden age of the series in question. If looking forwards or backwards with this entry in particular, it is worth noting how all of the achievements that came from the many ports Persona 4 Golden got stand at a total of 50 achievements to be exact. This is regardless of platform or console. If you happen to be either a newcomer or a long-time fan of the series, consider completing it 100% with our handy breakdown of its achievements.

All Trophies in Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide

Below is a table of the title names of each achievement and how to get them.

Golden CompletedEarn all the other trophies
A Prince AppearsRescue Yukiko Amagi
A True Man’s StandRescue Kanji Tatsumi
The Lounge is ClosedRescue Rise Kujikawa
Game OverApprehend Mitsuo Kubo
Boarded-Up LabRescue Naoto Shirogane
The Return of the AngelsRescue Nanako Dojima
Breaking Through the FogApprehend Tohru Adachi
Welcome BackRescue Marie
The Truth in Your HandsDefeat Izanami
Fusion ExpertPerform 50 Persona fusions
Special Fusion ExpertUse 4 or more Personas in a special fusion
The Nose Doesn’t Always KnowCause a fusion accident
Persona ShopperBuy a Persona from the Compendium
A Favor for MarieGive Marie a Skill Card for the first time
Card CollectorReach 100 Skill Card handovers with Marie
Displaying AdaptabilitySwitch Personas five times in one battle
Hardcore Risette FanHear 250 of Rise’s navigation lines
Going NovaDeal over 999 damage in one attack
Skilled CommanderPerform 50 All-Out Attacks
Tactical FighterCheck enemy weaknesses 100 times
Fill Your HandGet 50 Sweep Bonus
Grasping at GreedDefeat a Golden Hand
One Who Has Proven Their PowerDefeat Margaret
The Reaper Becomes the ReapedDefeat the Reaper
Food FighterFinish Aiya’s special dish
Compulsive ReaderRead every book in a single playthrough
It’s Working TodayBuy an item from the Capsule Machine
Lucky Me!Win a prize from the vending machine
Granter of Your DesiresBuy 5 products from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities
Seize the MomentBuy a special croquette from Sozai Daigaku
Cooking With GasCook 5 perfect meals
A Special LadyEnter a romantic relationship with someone
Mr. PerfectMax out every trait
The Other SelfObtain the Persona Izanagi
The Power of TruthFuse Izanagi-no-Okami
Moderate BookkeeperComplete 50% of the Persona Compendium
Thorough BookkeeperComplete the Persona Compendium
Fashion PlateFight a battle in costume
Head of the ClassReach rank 1 in your class on an exam
Fishing MasterCatch the Sea Guardian
A True BondMax out a Social Link
Bond ManiacMax out 10 Social Links in a single playthrough
Legend of InabaMax out all Social Links in a single playthrough
An Acquired TasteDrink the coffee in Chagall Café
Movie BuffWatch 3 movies at 30 Frame
Bug HunterSwing the net with perfect timing
Advantage Mine!Get a Player Advantage
Big Bro is WorriedVisit Nanako in the hospital a total of 3 times
A New Quiz KingWin the Miracle Quiz Finals

That’s everything you need to know about the achievements for Persona 4 Golden.

Happy playing! Be sure to check out our other Persona coverage for any further assistance with the series and its newest ports to console platforms. With anything and everything else outside of it, check out our Facebook page to stay up to date on the rest of our coverage and pieces.

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