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Path of Exile Harvest League Strong Starter Builds

Looking for strong starter builds in Path of Exile Harvest league? Path of Exile Harvest League is officially live for PC players as of 4:00 PM EST on June 19. In this new 3.11.0 update, players will start fresh in a new economy. Old characters and items are still accessible from previous Softcore and Hardcore leagues, but most people will be trying out the new challenges Harvest has to offer. 

Oshabi, an Azmeri Mystic, needs your help to explore mysterious powers at the Sacred Grove. Players must find seed caches, and planet the seeds that will eventually grow into powerful enemies. Many changes, including some nerfs and buffs, change how some existing skills and setups work. Here are some builds that will be popular in this season of Path of Exile.

Path of Exile Harvest League Strong Starter Builds

We broke up the list by what each popular Path of Exile on Twitch recommends. After all, these are some of the most hardcore players and theory crafters in the game. You will need to download Path of Building, or the fork, to upload these builds.

DatModz Harvest League Starter Builds

  • Ball Lightning Miner | Link
  • Fireball Miner | Link
  • Gladiator Max Block Bleed | Link
  • EQ Double Warcry Slam | Link

Mathil Harvest League Starter Builds

  • Gladiator 2H Bleed | Link
  • Penance/Arcanist Brand Inquisitor | Link
  • Impale Zerker | Link

Steelmage Harvest League Starter Builds

  • VD Spellslinger | Link

Zizaran Harvest League Starter Builds

  • Balor’s Dominating Blow Guardian | Link
  • EQ Juggernaut | Link
  • Fireball Spellslinger | Link

Balormage Harvest League Starter Builds

  • Dominating Blow Guardian | Link
  • Toxic Rain Mine Sabotuer | Link
  • Ball Lightning/Arc Mines Saboteur | Link
  • Essence Drain & Contagion Trickster | Link

If you prefer to look at some Path of Exile Harvest League starter builds in video format, we have a collection of those as well.

Ball Lightning Miner

Enki’s Arc

ED Trickster

Best Harvest League Starter Builds

These builds encompass almost every playstyle that will be strong in this league. Good luck with the new Path of Exile Harvest league.

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