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How to open Highblock Halls gate in Minecraft Dungeons

How to open Highblock Halls gate in Minecraft Dungeons

Highblock Halls is one of the last areas in the game. At one point during the level, you need to open a gate so you can proceed through the level. What you need to do to open it is not exactly obvious. For that reason, we are going to show you how to open the Highblack Halls gate in Minecraft Dungeons.

Opening the Gate in Highblock Halls

Every map is unique for each player due to random generation so we cannot tell you exactly where to go, but we can give you an idea. At one point during Highblock Halls you might come to a gate that requires a key to open it. The marker on the map does not help you out for this part, so it might not be obvious.

Explore the area you’re in for a Golden Key like the one in the image below. You will need to walk over to the key and pick it up. This is the key you will need to bring over to the gate. If you get hit while carrying the key, you will drop it and the key will try running away.

If you get to the gate and realize you don’t have the key, it likely fell off your back somewhere and is back where you first found it. After making it to the gate with the key, click on the gate and it will open. It can be confusing even though it’s so obvious. The mission objective says Crash The Party but you need to get through the gate first.

Now you know what to do and you can proceed with the story. Good luck, and check out our other Minecraft content in the meantime.

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