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New World Ice Gauntlet Build – CC with Great Axe

Whether it's PvP or PvE, this crowd control focused New World Ice Gauntlet build will get the job done!
New World Ice Gauntlet

Out of all of the weapons in New World, the Ice Gauntlet is pretty unique. The Ice Gauntlet is a ranged weapon and has some of the strongest crowd control abilities. However, its long cooldowns and mana costing attacks make this weapon difficult to master for most. Ice Gauntlets can be paired with many different secondary weapons and we have chosen an unlikely partner, the Great Axe. Let’s take a look at an Ice Gauntlet build using the Great Axe.

New World Ice Guantlet Build – Ice Gauntlet and Great Axe

We will be pairing our Ice Gauntlets with a Great Axe for this build. Below you will find the attack combinations, weapon builds, attributes, and gear needed to pull this build off.

Attack Combination & Playstyle

Our Ice Gauntlet and Great Axe build will provide us with some killer crowd control and AoE moves making us effective at both PVE and PVP. Our attack combination will generally look something like this: 

  1. Gravity Well to group enemies
  2. Ice Storm to start AoE
  3. Ice Shower to help cripple 
  4. Charge if needed
  5. Execute for damage boost

Our main CC will come from Gravity Well immediately followed by Ice Storm. At this point, we can charge in but if you are close enough you can drop Ice Shower on top of them and start dishing out some damage. You got your Entombed if things get sketchy and you can also save your Charge if you need some help escaping out of the fight. 

Your Great Axe will dish out some nice damage but you will have to be in close to use it. Your light armor should hopefully give you the mobility you need to get in and out of combat. Use your Ice Gauntlets to pepper your enemies at a distance. Let’s take a look at the build that will make all this work.  

Primary Weapon – Ice Gauntlet

For the Ice Gauntlet, we will split our points between Ice Tempest and Builder. Our primary abilities will be Ice StormIce Shower, and Entombed

Under Ice Temptest we will pick all of the passive abilities in order to have enough points to grab Ultimate Chill. Which will give us a massive 35% ice damage boost to chilled targets.

Under Builder, we will max out Ice Shower to acquire Frigid Showers at the end of the tree. This will reduce our frostbitten targets defense by 10% by applying Rend. Quick Frost is picked as an entry point and to give us a bit of extra mobility if necessary. Entombed is a standard choice on the ice gauntlets to give use some escape abilities. You can adjust the build here by not going down the Entombed tree and choosing a passive such as Refreshing Frost instead.

Secondary Weapon – Great Axe

Our Great Axe will be Reaper heavy but we will pick up Gravity Well from the Mauler tree. Our primary moves will be Gravity WellExecute and Charge.

Gravity Well will usually be our opener so it’s an important move to get. You don’t have to go all the way down that tree but you can if you think your allies need the extra Fortify.

We are picking up Charge to either be a strong damage booster or as an evade move. The way your fight is going will dictate which way to use Charge, and Execute is an obvious choice for some massive damage output. Of course, one of the most OP abilities in the game, make sure to pick up Blood Lust at the end of the tree for a big speed and damage boost. 


Our attributes will be a split between Intelligence and Constitution. You have some wiggle room here for your stopping points on the attributes but getting to 200 Intel and then switching the rest of the point to Consitution is generally a good plan. Here are the attribute milestones for both Intelligence and Constitution 


  • 50 points – 10% damage to light and heavy magic attacks, 10% harvest speed
  • 100 points – 10% critical damage, 5% chance for 1 Azoth when harvesting
  • 150 points – 10% elemental damage, -10% decreased in weight of harvested items 
  • 200 points – 10% mana after a dodge, 10% harvesting speed (Good stopping point here)
  • 250 points – 30% duration to DoT spells, 10% yield increase when harvesting
  • 300 points – 30% damage on first hit of full health target, 10% reduction in Azoth travel cost


  • 50 points – All health consumables 20% stronger and 10% logging speed.
  • 100 points – Increase max health by 10% of your physical armor, and -10% reduction on durability loss for tools.
  • 150 points – -10% to crit damage taken and -10% decrease in weight of logging items.
  • 200 points – 20% increase to armor and +10% logging speed.
  • 250 points – -80% damage reduction when full health (60s cooldown) and +10% yield increase when logging.
  • 300 points – 20% duration of stun, slow, and root spells, and 25% chance to chop down a tree in a single swing

Consitution is an important stat for us since we will need to get up close with our Great Axe and we don’t want to get immediately nuked.


We will stick with Light Armor for this build for the massive damage and mobility boost. Light Armor will give us a 20% damage boost and also a long-distance full rolling dodge. 

Our Great Axe will need to be slotted with a Sapphire gem. The Sapphire gem will make the weapon’s damage scale with Intelligence which we will definitely want.

New World Sapphire Gem

The rest of our gear will obviously need Constitution and Intelligence stats on it and if possible try to get gear that will reduce cooldowns and increase your crits. 

We hope you found this Ice Gauntlet build helpful and you have fun playing with this combination. Of course, the Ice Gauntlet also makes a deadly combination with either the Rapier or Fire Staff, so make sure to check out those builds as well.

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