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New Pokemon Snap: Mew Location and Myth of the Jungle Request Guide

New Pokemon Snap: Mew Location and Myth of the Jungle Request Guide

Anyone who’s played the original Pokemon Snap was already probably looking forward to a Mew encounter. Well, Mew is also available in New Pokemon Snap, and it’s a little tricky to find the location. We got you covered, though, with our full walkthrough of how to unlock it, and also how to complete the associated LenTalk request, Myth of the Jungle. Here’s where to find Mew in New Pokemon Snap.

Where to find Mew in New Pokemon Snap

Players can find Mew inside the Founja Jungle at night, but only after they’ve completed the entire New Pokemon Snap story mode. Once that’s done, follow these steps to summon Mew for the first time:

  • Complete the full story in New Pokemon Snap.
  • Enter the Founja Jungle (Night) area on Research Level 2.
  • As soon as the level starts, turn around and play a melody.
  • A pink orb will come flying toward you.
  • Hit the pink sphere with a Fluffruit.
  • Mew will appear for a brief second, allowing you to snap a picture. 

Mew is found in the Founja Jungle (Night) area on Research Level 2. To begin, you’ll need to make sure you have completed the full story in the game, which involves finding all of the Illumina Pokemon. Next, enter into the Founja Jungle to the nighttime level. You’ll need to make sure you’re on Research Level 2 to get Mew to show up here.

As soon as the game starts, you can press down on your D-pad to turn around immediately. Play a Melody with the R button, and you should see a pink orb come flying in from behind the little Morelulls. Hit the pink sphere with a Fluffruit to make Mew appear. If you miss at first, don’t worry because the sphere comes back a few in front of you.

Mew Encounter New Pokemon Snap

Throughout the level, Mew’s orb will appear two more times, and then Mew will appear again at the ruins, as long as you play a melody. Watch the video here if you want a more detailed walkthrough of what the run looks like.

There’s a LenTalk Request called Myth of the Jungle, which involves getting a photo of Mew eating a fluffruit. In short, you’ll have to hit Mew three times to get it to appear at the ruins. Mew also appears in the daytime level after you find it during the night.

How to complete Myth of the Jungle in New Pokemon Snap

To complete Myth of the Jungle, enter into Founja Jungle (Day), assuming you have Mew showing up there. Mew will show up four times throughout the level, and each time you will need to hit it with an Illumina Orb. There will then be one more Mew encounter, at which point you’ll need to hit it with another Illumina Orb, and drop from Fluffruit nearby. Here’s my walkthrough:

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