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New Pokemon Snap: How to unlock all the Illumina Pokemon

How to unlock all the Illumina Pokemon

The Lental region has some native plants known as Crystablooms. These powerful plants give particular Pokemon a shiny glow, and we refer to those Pokemon as Illumina. These are more or less the “bosses” in this game, which mark significant points in the story. You’ll unlock the first one relatively early, but what about the rest of them? Here’s how to unlock all of the Illumina Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap.

Illumina Pokemon are basically the progression markers in New Pokemon Snap. So, if you don’t want any spoilers, we recommend leaving this page and playing the game to unlock them yourself. You will inevitably unlock each of the Illumina Pokemon eventually simply by playing through the game.

How to unlock all the Illumina Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap

  • Meganium
  • Volcorona
  • Wishiwashi
  • Milotic
  • Steelix
  • Aurus (no spoilers)


Meganium is the first Illumina Pokemon you’ll encounter. If you have yet to unlock this one, you should just start playing the game because it’s given to you after the first stage. Get to Research Level 2 in Florio Nature Park’s night stage and unlock the Illumina Orbs to get the Illumina Spot with Meganium.


To unlock Volcorona, you’ll need to unlock Founja Jungle and beat Jungle (Day) and Jungle (Night). Completing these levels opens up two routes to Voluca and Maricopia. Voluca’s Illumina Pokemon is Volcorona, as you may have guessed by the name. To get Volcorona, complete Sweltering Sandys day and night to unlock the Fireflow Volcano. Get to Research Level 2 on Fireflow Volcano, and you’ll unlock Volcorona.

At the end of the Volcano area on Research Level 2, you’ll need to take an alternate route and scan some ruins to reveal a deep cave extending beyond the arch. After that’s done, you’ll get access to the Illumina Spot. To get a good picture, you’ll need to hit Volcorona with Fluffruit until the fire armor dissipates.


The other path you could take from Founja Jungle is toward Maricopia. Complete Blushing Beach day and night areas and get them to Research level 2 to unlock Maricopia Reef. Complete Reef Day and level it to Research Level 2. At the end of the Reed Day area, an alternate route leads you to a big blue hole in the water. After discovering that location, it will open up the Lental Seafloor area. 

Complete the Undersea level and get it to Research Level 2. As long as you have your picture of Volcarona, you’ll find a Clawitzer at the end of the level. Throw a life orb at it to power up the Clawitzer, who will reveal a new route. Take the alternate route and complete the course to unlock the Illumina level and Wishiwashi. You’ll need one picture of Wishiwashi in school form to progress through the story.


After completing Volcarona and Wishiwashi, you will open up the Elsewhere Forest, an area north of Founja Jungle. Complete this zone and get it to Research Level 2 to unlock the Illumina Spot. You will then unlock the Milotic Illumina Pokemon in this area. Hit it with apples to get a picture of it when it goes above water.


Next up, Steelix is unlocked after achieving a Research Level 2 in every other level. You should then get access to the Shiver Snowfields. Complete Snowfield Day and Night, and get them to Research Level 2 to unlock the Outaway Cave. Finish the Cave, get it to Research Level 2, and take a picture of the Ancient Ruins to unlock the Illumina Spot featuring Steelix. Keep throwing Orbs in Steelix’s direction and scanning nearby areas until you can finally get a good photo.


Finally, after getting a photo of Steelix, you will unlock the Ruins of Remembrance. Complete the Ruins and get it to Research Level 2 to unlock the final Illumina Spot. You will need to hit all of the Crystablooms with your orbs to progress through the area to make the statue light up. You’ll need to throw orbs at Eldegoss and the Golurk to move them out of the way. At the end of the level, light up all the Crystabloom to proceed to the last level. We won’t spoil the final Pokemon for you, but that’s how to unlock all the Illumina Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap!

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