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NBA 2K24 Best Shot Timing Visual Cue Option

Even changing the timing by milliseconds can make all the difference.
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Another new year means another release of the biggest basketball game in the world, NBA 2K. With this, comes the inevitable changes and updates (no matter how insignificant) to the core gameplay. One of these settings is the new shot timing visual cue. An option that allows you to further customize your player’s form and effectiveness. Of course, some of it will depend on how skilled you are as a baller, but this setting helps tremendously with shooting consistency.

What’s more, you have a few choices as to which version of the visual will help you out the most. We’re going to head to the gym and take a look at NBA 2K24 best shot timing visual cue option.

NBA 2K24 Best Shot Timing Visual Cue Option

NBA 2K24 Best Shot Timing Visual Cue Option mamba
Image via Visual Concepts/2K

To go into more detail, the shot timing visual cue option allows you to ‘set preferred animation cue to release the button during a jumpshot’. What this means is that players will be able to select between four different animation options as to how their character will look when pulling up for a shot. You have the option of choosing between jump, set point, push, or release. Each of these animations provides a slightly different timing window for hitting a green shot.

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To hit a green shot with an earlier timing window, you’ll want to go with the jump or set point visual cue option. If you want a bit more hang time between your starting animation to releasing the shooting button, choose the push or release visual cue. The exact timings for the shot vary depending on your jump shot animation, but these options will help greatly in figuring out what timing you’re most comfortable with. In order to change your shot timing visual cue, just head over to features, select controller settings, and you will see the option to change it towards the top. So get out there and work on your shot before heading into the game and you’ll be unstoppable.

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