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How to Invite Friends in NBA 2K24

Making the court a friendlier place
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NBA 2K24 is available on every platform imaginable and whilst gaming with your friends has always been a possibility on the court, you will find that your circle of friendship is drastically increasing with the new Crossplay made possible in this entry. Whilst Crossplay is only available for new-generation consoles, you will still be able to invite players who have the same platform as yourself. This is Vincent’s guide on how to invite friends using Multiplayer and the Crossplay feature in NBA 2K24.

Inviting Friends in NBA 2K24 – Without Crossplay

Adding friends in NB24 can be done either on the Main Menu or inside My Career Mode. You will need to use the trigger buttons in the Main Menu or the right analog stick (R3 or RSB) when in My Career Mode if you are inviting players directly into your game to play this Mode in co-op.

You can invite them directly in the Main Menu screen after entering NBA 2K24 where on the console all you need to do is hit the left + right trigger at the same time to bring up the Friends List. You can only add friends who are actually online and playing the game at the same time as you.

Your PlayStation or Xbox Friends will appear under the Friends Tab and this can be filtered further by directly typing their name in. After sending the invitation out, check the Options Tab (fourth tab using the triggers) to see all of the Invites that you have sent out. Be sure to use the Party Chat functions consoles have on offer so that you can talk to your friends before you send the invitations out.

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How Does NBA 2K24 Crossplay Work?

NBA 2K24 offers Crossplay for those playing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Keep this in mind going forward as those playing PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will only be able to invite friends that are playing on the same console. This also works the same for those who maybe want to play with friends who have moved onto the new generation of consoles within the same brand (like myself who is still stuck in my ways of hoarding old consoles and continuing to buy games on PS4). Regardless of who you want to play with, inviting friends to join you on the court is an available option to those just getting started in NBA 2K24.

If you want to invite friends the Crossplay feature will be turned on by default when you start up the game (PS5 and Xbox X/S users). If Crossplay is disabled, you need to go to the bottom of the Settings page where Crossplay can be found and enabled.

How to Add Friends with Crossplay

You need to head into My Career Mode and create your player based on your own personal Build or a pre-existing one from a Pro Player. When you are in the game which should be inside the City where other players will have loaded in much like a Call of Duty Lobby, you need to stand still and tap the right analog stick button. This will open the Who’s Online Tab where everyone on the Server can be seen.

To invite friends in My Career Mode using crossplay, tap R3 or RSB and use the right trigger to scroll over to the Friends Tab where anyone online can be seen here for you to invite into your Squad. All your friend needs to do on the other end (same platform or next-gen console) accepts the invitation to join the Server and begin their co-op experience with you.

Remember that you can only invite players that are on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. Those on PC or Nintendo Switch can only invite those in their Friends List via Steam or on the Switch itself.

That was our guide on how to invite friends in NBA 2K24. For more on this game or other of the latest video game releases, be sure to check out all of our newly updated GJ guides written here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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