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Mario Kart Tour Placement Gifts Explained

Mario Kart Tour has a special cup each week where players compete against each other for the top score. Players are then ranked from best to worst out of a group of twenty. The groupings are completely random, so you can get thrown into a group with anybody. The groups change every week, and you have 7 days to get your score as high as possible.

Mario Kart Tour Placement Gifts Explained

Each place rewards players with different prizes. It goes without saying first place will get the best prize, and the rewards get less and less as you go down the placements. Here are the placement gifts for the first three places:

1st – 20x Rubies, 1,000x Coins, 3x Driver Upgrade Tickets, 3x Kart Upgrade Tickets, 3x Glider Upgrade Tickets

2nd – 15x Rubies, 1,000x Coins, 2x Driver Upgrade Tickets, 2x Kart Upgrade Tickets, 2x Glider Upgrade Tickets

3rd – 10x Rubies, 1,000x Coins, 1x Driver Upgrade Tickets, 1x Kart Upgrade Tickets, 1x Glider Upgrade Tickets

4th through 6th place gets 5x Rubies and 500x Coins. 7th through 10th place gets 300x Coins. The rest of the rankings don’t receive any rewards.

The ranked cup is a great way to get some additional rubies so you can upgrade your arsenal of drivers, karts, and gliders. To get the maximum amount of points possible, it’s important to use top tier drivers, karts, and gliders, for each of the three races.

You will have to rely on getting a little lucky with Frenzy abilities to rack up the points easily. If you score one or two Frenzy abilities in one race and also finish in first, you are almost guaranteed a high score that your opponents won’t be able to compete with.

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