Mario Kart Tour: How to Use Point Boost Tickets

Mario Kart Tour has launched on iOS and Android devices and already has millions of downloads. It is shaping up to be a successful mobile version of the classic racing game from Nintendo.

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The game introduces some new mobile friendly mechanics into the Mario Kart game, one of them being point boost tickets.

How to Use Point Boost Tickets

Point boost tickets essentially boost the amount of bonus points you get for doing objectives like drifting and gliding. This makes getting five stars on each stage a little easier, so you won’t have to go back and retry the course if you mess up.

Gliders, as an example, can be upgraded to raise their base points. If a glider has 250 points, upgrading it might increase it to have 260 points. Each glider and kart can reach a maxed out level.

Using point boost tickets will help you reach the maximum rank more efficiently without wasting as much time. Save up your tickets for the more difficult courses, and make sure you have fun in the new Mario Kart Tour.

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