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Lifeline’s Care Package Explained

Lifeline's Care Package Explained

Apex Legends fans probably think the loot in Lifeline’s care package is totally random, but one user on Reddit enlightens us with how it really works.

Lifeline’s Care Package Explained

Liflines care package is not entirely random – a guide to snatching the level 3 armor(now with improved graphic) from r/apexlegends

In summary, Lifeline’s care package has three doors and each one will drop an item from a specific loot table. The first door will be directly in front of where Lifeline calls in the care package. This door will drop weapon attachments, backpacks, or knockdown shields.

The second door is to the left of door one and holds healing items like Medkits, Shield Batteries, or Phoenix kits. The third door is to the right of door one and holds a level three body armor, helmet armor, or knockdown shield.

Now Lifeline mains can prioritize which type of gear they want to loot before their teammates come and take everything for themselves.

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