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League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 1 Results

League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 1 Results

Day one of the MSI Rumble Stage in Reykjavik, Iceland is now underway with our top six teams from multiple international leagues.  Frontrunners Royal Never Give Up and Damwon KIA are looking to play the favorable odds while the Tier Two teams in Pentanet GG, PSG Talon, and Cloud 9 seek to throw a wrench in those plans.  

League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage Day 1 Results

Here are the day 1 results for the League of Legends MSI Rumble Stage:

Royal Never Give Up1 – 0Damwon KIA
MAD Lions1 – 0Pentanet GG
PSG Talon0 – 1Damwon KIA
Royal Never Give Up0 – 1Cloud9
PSG Talon1 – 0Pentanet GG
Cloud90 – 1MAD Lions

Match of the Day

Cloud9 vs Royal Never Give Up takes the cake for the most suspenseful game of the day.  Many people have written off RNG as the frontrunner for MSI, and the beginning of this match looked to mimic the sentiment.  RNG stacked dragons, pushed gold leads, secured Baron and was in control of the game until C9 seemingly out of nowhere executed a flawless teamfight, breathing life back into the NA hopefuls.  The match ended with a high stakes trade that wondering fans will absolutely have to watch and will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Honorable mention has to go to Pentanet GG vs PSG Talon, but for the extreme opposite reason.  While C9 vs RNG was a slugfest that ended extremely closely, PGG vs PSG was a dominating slaughter of PGG.  Should fans desire an absolute masterclass display of League of Legends, this match is worth the watch.

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