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How to Fix “Your Session Has Expired” Error in League of Legends

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Ah — League of Legends. It is certainly a league, and it certainly has legends. But, what happens if you can’t partake of the legendary league? It would seem that some players are experiencing an error that prevents them from entering matches. If this sounds familiar, here’s how to fix that pesky “Your Session Has Expired” error in League of Legends.

How to Fix “Your Session Has Expired” Error

In cases such as these, you might be tempted to assume it’s related to the network or the servers. But, in this case, there’s more of a chance there’s something wrong with your setup. You can try the following fixes, but if for any reason none of them are effective, you can submit an error directly to Riot Games.

Adjust Your PC Hibernation Settings

It might seem like an obvious fix, especially since I permanently stopped my PC from hibernating. But, if you haven’t, you might wanna consider doing so. It turns out, if your PC goes nighty-night, the League client might automatically trigger this error. You may not want to permanently disable this feature. But, at the very least, adjust it so that, if you take a step away from your setup, you won’t return to this error.

Reset / Recycle Your Router

It doesn’t hurt to give your router the ol’ power cycle. Make sure that you’re closed out of the League client and then re-open it once the connection has been restored.

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Changing DNS Servers

If neither of these options doesn’t fix the root of the problem, there’s one more — albeit complicated — thing you can try. It might help to change the DNS from the one given to you by your ISP to Google’s. Or, you can always do the inverse if you’ve already been using an alternate DNS address. But, as I said, if none of these fixes does the trick, it’s time to bring Riot Games into the conversation, because there could be a deeper problem, one that you can’t possibly be expected to fix on your own.

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