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League of Legends MSI Rumble Day 2 Schedule

League of Legends MSI Rumble Day 2 Schedule

Day two of the MSI Rumble Stage will kick off bright and early at 9 am EST and will continue some heated matchups.  Cloud9 vs Damwon KIA will be a rematch from Group C while the OCE representatives Pentanet GG will tackle arguably the most difficult strength of schedule.  

League of Legends – MSI Rumble Day 2 Schedule: May 15, 2021

Here’s a look at the day 2 schedule for the League of Legends MSI Rumble:

9 am ESTPentanet GGRoyal Never Give Up
10 am ESTDamwon KIACloud9
11 am ESTMAD LionsRoyal Never Give Up
12 pm ESTCloud9PSG Talon
1 pm ESTPentanet GGDamwon KIA
2 pm ESTMAD LionPSG Talon
League of Legends - MSI Rumble Day 2 Schedule May 15, 2021
Image via LoL Esports

During Day One, we experienced some unusual picks with Zed, Vayne, and Aphelios making additional appearances while Malphite making his debut.  It is refreshing to see professionals select the aforementioned champions as the meta has been getting stale with constant presence from champions such as Rumble, Morgana, Lee Sin and Kai’sa.  

Standings-wise, Cloud9 and Pentanet GG are definitely in an uncomfortable position, starting the Rumble with an 0-2 record.  Of course, the inverse is true as Royal Never Give Up and MAD Lions secure a sizable lead.  Because the tournament is a double round-robin, each team plays 10 matches across the next five days.  The magic number to hit here is five wins, and some teams have a larger head start than others.

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