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How to Install Glen Quagmire Tryndamere Custom Skin in League of Legends


It would seem that Family Guy has been receiving a resurgence lately. It’s not exactly surprising given the series is still airing. But, with the recent TikTok trend of Family Guy clips paired with mindless, mobile gameplay and now a Glen Quagmire skin for League of Legends, it’s a good time for Family Guy memes.

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That’s right; a creator on YouTube by the name of Un Pelotudo Jugando has released a Glen Quagmire skin for League of Legends. It’s meant to sub out for the Barbarian King Tryndamere. And, as if the absurdity of it wasn’t enough, this custom skin comes with a sword themed after Peter Griffin. If the mere act of playing League of Legends hasn’t made you sad yet, here’s how to install this custom skin.

How to Install Glen Quagmire Tryndamere Custom Skin

In order to install this custom skin, you’ll need to download and install a program called CSLoL. This will help you to install the Fantome file that contains the custom skin. Once CSLoL is installed, download the custom skin Fantome file HERE. Then, open a window to where you saved the Fantome file.

Drag and drop the Fantome file into CSLoL. If all is as it should be, the Fantome file will load into CSLoL. Click the checkbox next to the custom skin’s name, then click RUN near the top of CSLoL. This next process might take some time, so be patient. There’s nothing you need to do at the moment, at least until the text at the bottom reads “STATUS: WAITING FOR LEAGUE MATCH TO START.”

At this point, you can open League of Legends, select Tryndamere as your character, and start a match. If all is as it should be, you should notice that you’re now playing as Glen Quagmire. Good luck with that.

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