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Is there a Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode?

With the recent release of Call of Duty Mobile, we’ve seen a massive influx of players fragging on their iOS and Android devices. The game skyrocketed to the number one position on the Google Play and iTunes store within one day.

There are several game modes available in Call of Duty Mobile on launch, with Battle Royale being the most popular. But what about zombies, though?

Is there a Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode?

Unfortunately, there is no zombies for Call of Duty Mobile on launch. You won’t be able to blow the heads off zombies from your mobile device quite yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be added eventually.

We can’t really speculate as to when to expect this mode because Activision has not commented on it, but we would be very surprised if it wasn’t added in the near future.

Pre-launch gameplay footage has already showed action from Zombies mode, leading many people to believe it would be available on launch. The mode most likely needed a bit more work and polishing before being released into the live game.

Within the mobile app itself, we can see a blurred out logo for another game mode with the words “coming soon” on it. It will likely be a little different from previous Call of Duty games where players fought off waves of zombies. Instead, you will probably see short missions with zombies and zombie bosses, playable in solo or co-op.

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