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Is Super People Cross-Platform?

Everyone loves a good multiplayer battle royale!
Gatling Soldier in Super People
Image via Wonder People, Oscar Mike Studio

Super People is one of the many FPS games released in 2022, but its high-quality graphics and battle-royale style gameplay sets it apart from the rest. This highly anticipated game has exploded in popularity since its recent release; it makes sense that people want to know if they’ll be able to play it with their friends. Keep reading if you want to know if Super People is cross-platform!

Is Super People Cross-Platform?

Super People is one of the most highly anticipated FPS games of 2022, so it’s understandable for fans of the game to wonder if they can play Super People with their friends cross-platform. Unfortunately, however, Super People is not currently cross-platform. This may come as a disappointment to some people, but Super People is currently only available on PC, so it makes sense that it wouldn’t have a cross-play feature quite yet.

Getting Shot in Super People
Image via Wonder People, Oscar Mike Studio

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You shouldn’t pass on this game just because it’s not cross-platform, however! Super People is an amazing battle royale shooter game that’s perfect for fans of games like Fortnite or Apex Legends. Plus, there’s always a chance that this game will be released on other platforms in the future, meaning a cross-play feature in Super People could still happen!

Will Super People be Coming to Other Platforms?

Super People hasn’t been on the market for long, so there’s still a chance for it to get released on other platforms in the future. Currently, you can only access this game on PC, but that may not always be the case! Many popular games, such as PUBG, started as PC-exclusive games, but were later released for other platforms once they became popular.

Super People’s developers, Wonder People, haven’t made any statements hinting at a future release of the game for consoles, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen! Again, this game hasn’t been on the market long; anything can happen! Be sure to check out GamerJournalist’s guides for Super People if you’re interested in playing this amazing battle-royale game!

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